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I'm both a Directioner and a kpopper so I've refrained from voting since it wouldn't be fair to choose between the two;however, some of the things that people are saying make me mad. I know that not all Directioner's are like this because I am one, but those immature fans on twitter drive me mad. These are some of the tweets I found. "Thailand hookers"? How rude can you get? And the worst thing is that some of those immature fans have the audacity to say that they're feminists in their bio when they're sitting there bashing tara aka 6 gorgeous women. I know that we kpop fans have bashed them as well but from the tweets that I've seen directioners are even worse. I hate fanwars. I think they're stupid and I suggest that we just vote and not stoop to that level. BTW I'm not even a t-ara stan. I'm just sick of the fighting. though I do wonder what their insults would be if it were Big Bang, 2nei, or snsd that they were up against...
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@yessicacardenas THEY'RE WORSE. even exo-l's handled member leaving better than that!!!
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I know right Exo Ls are better compared to these girls @Majesticx
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This reminds me of the instance when SNSD won that YouTube award and there were so many people in an uproar all because they didn't know who the girls were. Some of the comments were really outrageous. Not to mention when it was EXO vs. 1D for some award, if I'm not mistaken. The comments that brought up were awful as well. This definitely isn't the first time that I'm seeing fans of some non-Korean group (mainly a group whose first language is English) bashing a Korean group. I honestly feel like fanwars between kpop fandoms aren't even that bad. Sure, they get out of hand, but these comments are utterly terrible. I hate the fandom wars no matter who is involved. They terribly sad and ridiculous. The only good thing I see that comes out of some fanwars is when fans get over whatever it was to be strong together. I really wish it would work out like that all the time. It'd be better if there were no fanwars but no one's perfect. I'd feel a lot better if people just got along. ♡
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@ambieb i have mostly only seen 1d fans in an uproar about kpop artists. They've lost to them a few times so I don't understand why they're still mad and still saying we see irrelevant. Right now we are up against Beyonce fans and a lot of them said they want T ara to win and even told salty directioners not to vote for Beyonce if it's for revenge on T ara fans. I think it's just the age difference that makes this. I, myself am 19 and I don't say rude things about other artists even if I can't stand them I keep it to myself, all the girls who fought me on my instagram claimed to be in 8th grade... I think that's where most of this stems from is the sort of childish I know better attitudes. Kpop fans aren't innocent either though, I saw some doing some mean things but nothing was as rude and low as what the directioners did
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@majesticx I know for sure that some kpop fans get that low. I've even seen it when tons of one fandom go for another one, getting just straight up rude with uncalled for comments. I've even seen it where two fandoms were only rumored to be in some type of fanwar even though the mentions fandoms had no clue what they were even supposed to be at odds' ends about. Lol I agree though that it's most likely the younger fans, or at least just ones with a child-like mentality. I'm 22 myself and, even though I've only been into Korean music for about four or five years now, I've definitely come to learn that most of the ones that don't bring unnecessary drama to fandoms are the older ones.
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