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I saw this AWESOME AWESOME online video that you can do where you can make your own movie starring Lee Min Ho and... YOURSELF! its super cool, there's a scene where Lee Min Ho will stroke your face, and you will even go on a helicopter ride together... If you want to be Lee Min Ho's First Love (I know I do), here are the instructions: 1) Go to this link http://socialmovie.innisfree.cn 2) Click the RHS icon which has a picture of a camera 3) Again click the RHS icon which has a camera pic and upload your picture 4) Adjust how large you want the picture to be by moving the little button just below the picture 5) Type in your name at the grey box below the picture 6) Click on the green button at the bottom TADAH!!!! In the middle of the movie, Lee Min Ho will ask " _____________, Will you come with me to Jeju Island now?" You can click Yes or No... but... who can say No to Lee Min Ho? I LOVE THIS!!! grin. Am going to tell ALL MY FRIENDS about it. I think I will dream of this tonight... Who needs "Faith" when we can make our own Min Ho movie :) Did anyone end up dreaming of Lee Min Ho too????
the link doesn't work :'(...it says forbidden...Whyyyy....Don't forbidde our love!! (sorry...;-))
This link doesn't open. Can't we get a working link please?
Please say to us if there is a new address for making this dream a real sttory in 2013.
i can't open dis link... can anyone help me??? plaa... i wish to make dis fr me too :/
since the world is huge, i am contented of admiring him not of aiming that he will be mine since i know i'm not deserve to be his partner..he is so successful and i think i can't met his standards..:-)
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