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For some of us it's two weeks before school starts! Are you feeling excited and at the same time...unprepared? It's okay, I feel the same. Even though I don't like procrastinating I end up doing it anyways. I realized I had much less time than unexpected. I have two more weeks before all the craziness starts, so before then I have a week to get all my stuff together for the move! Here's the list of things I need to get done.
1. New Outfits
I finally have the chance to justify buying new clothes but my only problem is there is finding the right price, style and quality. I refuse to spend more than $30 on clothes (outwears are the only exception), so I limit myself to wait for stuff to go on the sales rack. Nordstrom and Marshalls is the best place for this. I just need 2 hours to go through the whole store. I'm looking for cute sweaters, fall jackets and pair of flats. Okay, maybe I'll squeeze in a cute top and pair of boyfriend jeans.
2. Cute Hairstyles
I'm the worst at styling hair, so I appreciate ideas that are simple, quick and cute. I found this one on herstyletips's blog. It almost got everyday of the week covered. Everything is really easy to do but I still need more practice to perfect #2 and #6.
3. A Stylish Backpack
My black Jansport has been with me for almost three years. I love it but I want something different. I'm trying to stay away from the generic brands like North Face and Kipling. I've seen to many people with them and I don't want to carry around a Longchamp tote. I finally found a backpack I like from Pink (by Victoria's Secret). The style is perfect. It features a laptop sleeve inside and a mesh pocket outside for a water bottle. Super handy and I love the color options they have but I'll go with gray.
4. Makeup Palette
My makeup collection is made up of one eyeliner, one mascara and a two-shade eyeshadow. That's it. I need an upgrade but I'm not fully comfortable with a large palette like Naked2 or 3. I was browsing through Sephora's site and found Naked on the Run palette. I fell in love with the simple color set and the compact size that carries everything (lip gloss, eyeliner. eye shadow, blush, highlight). What do you think? Is it worth $54?
5. Bedding Set
I'm still deciding if I should splurge on a bedding set but I'm a total sucker for a snug and cute bedroom. I found this paris themed bedding set on Dormify and it's so pretty! Agreed?
6. Other Essentials:
- A travel mug
- A cute planner
- A Loose leaf papers
- A Folder
Who's starting college or is already attending college? Do you have a back to school checklist?
@DeadlyCyanide Mad props to you! :)
Oh thank you haha. I study when they are napping ot haveing tv time or at night when they are in bed and my husband comes home. usually during the day I clean. it sounds like it's sooo not possible but it really is haha.
@DeadlyCyanide I'm impressed! how do you manage to study with a child? I really respect all moms because they work so hard to raise the little one(s) and sacrifice so much. I'm sure it's worth it. So I wish you luck.
@HairConfetti same here. I'm a stay at home mom and went for vet tech. I still have the veterinary nursing assistant book so I'm studying it now. I wish I could go back to MCC
@DeadlyCyanide I also miss college. I wished I would have accomplished more but I'm happy with where I am now.
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