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Smh. I haven't even posted on ig for HOURS. Why are they still commenting. xD xD
And it continues
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These people are idiots and jerks and horrible people. Watch the YouTubers react to KPOP episode. A lot of those people know what Kpop is. Report them.
your replies were awesome!! Not rude but still firm. Good job!!
I love your sarcastic ♡s. You dear, deserve an award. Even people in my lil city of Montgomery, Alabama have heard of kpop.
@vipforever123 @kpopxanime haha thank you guys. And yes I find sarcastic ♡ are very effective xD
I like how she handle it like an adult and not a kids mad respect for her keep it up I got friends her but keep it up and keep showing them that it's not just American pop but.other music in.the world mad respect