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I can't believe this really happened. Both Jeb and Hillary's accounts are verified, and while we know these are run by social media teams, this just doesn't seem like real politics. Can we stop playing games instead of solving issues, stop allowing celebrities to run for president, and get a grip on this election before it gets out of hand?

It all started with the tweet above, aimed at getting us to look at Hillary's plans for college loan reform.

Jeb Bush's team decided to up the ante. Shots have been fired.

I really wasn't expecting this.

I particularly like the addition of a source, something Jeb was lacking.

Boom. Well then Jeb('s social media team).

I hate that this all happened and think more time should be spent on the issues, but, if I had to choose a winner, I'd choose Hillary's team. smh I can't believe this is real
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What?! This is insane! Why must politics go to this sort of level of criticism. Can we all just be adults please?!