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so here my instagram i dont really get on as much i just started getting on it a while ago
i would love to follow you guys.....so can i????
he'll yes. I'm verolovelyart for instagram but it isn't of anything specific it's my personal one lol
idk if u would want my personal, I mostly post stuff about what I do. but follow @/bbxbap on instagram, my bigbang and bap (kinda turning to BTS) fanpage. I'm sort of on hiatus tho. Vingle's been keeping me busy. I'll make sure to follow u
I love and do everything in your profile/bio. It's so rare that I find other females that's like anime, kpop, Kdramas, AND gaming! What do you play? I have Instagram but I'm not on a lot. I'll add you though. :D
I'll follow you, mine is addricastaway
I'll follow you, my insta is on my profile :)
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