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Pocahontas is one of my favorite Disney princess movie. Her hairstyle is pretty simple. She's always seen with long hair roaming through the forest and "across the riverbend." Then one day her raccoon hairstylist decided to give be creative and made her braids. Tada - the bohemian Pocahontas is born!
Wedding Couture adopted this style and directed a Pocahontas wedding them for their product. Pocahontas would definitely approve of the wavy hair and gorgeous headband. Styling Method: 1. Prep hair with heat protectant. 2. Curl hair with a 1 inch curling wand. 3. Apply hairspray and gently apply headband. 4. Lightly tousle the hair to create more volume. Photo by Bethann Greenberg Photography.
For a more youthful hairstyle, combine curls, braids and accent pieces like feather and suede lace. Styling Method: 1. Curl your hair or start with your natural curls. 2. French braid your hair starting from the nape. 3. Finish by mix and matching hair headbands.
For a modern and edgy style, keep the braid sleek and tight. Styling method: 1. Divide hair into two section. 2. French braid each section, starting from the crown. 3. Secure with hair elastic. 4. Throw on two complimenting headbands.
I had to include this video. Time for a sing-a-long session or you can listen to it while doing your hair :)