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I recently ran into this situation that made me realize just how wacky we can get about our exes....sheesh!!
So I heard that one of my exes from a while ago (we dated for about 8 months in college) is not only dating a girl I vaguely knew in college, but that they're going to be getting married on New Years. Married!
The person who told me this was, of course, my exes best friend so I had to keep my cool face on. But wait, why wouldn't I have a cool face on?!
Because really I was inexplicably feeling something like this!!!
Which quickly moved to something like this.
BUT! I still can't figure it out. I mean, why was I suddenly upset and angry?! Honestly, I didn't to be the one chosen by this guy. We'd broken up peacefully and just fell out of touch, not because of any hard feelings.
So why was I upset?
I'm guessing it was just because I was jealous of what he found, not that someone found it with him when I couldn't. But if anyone has any other guesses, it would be much appreciated....
I can understand where you're coming from. There's this one ex I will not touch with a 80-foot pole, and I think I actually dislike him. I would NEVER consider dating him ever again, but when I found out he found someone else, I felt a certain way. I don't think it's because I wanted him back, I think it was that I felt like I wish I had what he found.
@alywoah Sooo glad im not the only one!!! its just feels so ridiculous to be like this about someone I know im not into. emotions can be so crazyyy
sigh... been here. hate it! worse thing is that after years and being married it still kinda stings a little. Now THAT'S ridiculous!