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Okay guys! I have a poll for you :) I'm wondering...

How many months do you think people should know one another in a romantic sense (not necessarily dating...) before getting engaged or married?

I know there is no "right answer" to this question since it's different for everyone, but I just recently found out one of my exes is engaged, and it got me wondering about how long he's known her, etc etc. Call me bitter if you want, lol!!
Anyways, I'm just curious on what everyone personally thinks is too fast/slow for themselves ^^
I think it really just depends, and at what stage of your life you're in. I'd say when you 30 years old and under, it's kind of a huge risk to get married quickly -- because you're still trying to figure out who you are and what you want to do with your life. But mannn this question is tricky. For myself, I'd probably wait a year. If it's a person I know has potential, but has a lot of things to work on...I'd probably hold off the wedding for like 5 years llol.
@LizArnone @jordanhamilton @danidee thnx everyone lol!!! I'm just curious about how ppl think about this...personally I think if you already knew them n it developed into a relationship from that point it should be a year out...but if you just met randomly and startedstarted dating it should be longer to know each other even more!!! but like you all said its so circumstantial I guess
I think it's different from couple to couple. I could say that I think couples should wait a year or two, but then knowing my luck, I'll go ahead and get engaged after 8 months lol.
hmmmmmmmmmmm this is so tricky because you always hear about those couples who got married after a week and have been together for like 50 years! But for me I would have to say...... at least 3 years to get engaged AND i would want to live with them first (at least a year)! because thats when you really know if you are compatible !
def agree @ChristinaBryce!
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