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Poll: How Many Months Until Marriage?
Okay guys! I have a poll for you :) I'm wondering...

How many months do you think people should know one another in a romantic sense (not necessarily dating...) before getting engaged or married?

I know there is no "right answer" to this question since it's different for everyone, but I just recently found out one of my exes is engaged, and it got me wondering about how long he's known her, etc etc. Call me bitter if you want, lol!!
Anyways, I'm just curious on what everyone personally thinks is too fast/slow for themselves ^^
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@alywoah hahahahah I can see myself doing that too lol!! longer is better I safe about it all!!
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def agree @ChristinaBryce!
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Interesting question! I think that I would want to date for at least several years before getting engaged. Like 3 to 5 at least. I don't see the point of a super long engagement, so I'd want to maybe know each other for 1 year as friends, date for 3 years, then get engaged, then get married 1 year later. So that's my ideal 5 year relationship timeline lol.
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This is really interesting! I think I agree with what @alywoah said about what stage of your life you're in. Personally I'd want to have dated someone for at least 4-6 months before cohabitating, and then at least another year of seeing how that works... I also don't really know that I want to get married at all, so I'm kind of winging it!
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@allischaaff totally agree with the engagement thing! i only want to be engaged for like a year because i feel like i would be so excited i wouldn't want to wait hahah
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