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Kcon NY 2015
I took a pic with that hot cosplayer my heart was beating out of my chest lol. I hope when he put his arm around me he couldn't feel it >~<. Can you guys guess which one is me lol
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@notgucci3 true I kept staring at all of them. Lol the camera crew kept sitting at the same table I was at with my friends. Stared at every one of them. Haha I couldn't take pics I had to save it for the concert. :(
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Oh, my gosh! He's gorgeous! That'll be a good memory. xD
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@AmbieB I hope he comes to every Kpop and Anime event on the east coast lol. I just love to look at his sexy self lol
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@RochelleDiamond I don't blame you. I would go just to see him. I really want to go to a KCON now. x)
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@AmbieB lol it's lots of fun it was so worth it.
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