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The newest in humiliating reviews of the US prison system: Ireland refuses to deport someone convicted of a crime in the US because the conditions in US prison would be cruel.
I've heard of countries not deporting individuals to countries like Singapore, the United States, and other countries where the death penalty might be granted. They do this because they are against the death penalty.
But I'll be honest when I say it's the first time I've ever heard of a country refusing to deport someone because of the conditions they would be faced with if they were proven guilty and sent to prison in America. And it's embarrassing.
Their specific problems with prisons (and specifically the 'supermax' prison this person would likely be sent to) are:
- it would be 'cruel and unusual punishment'
- even a terrorist should not be in a prison with '24-hour solitary confinement, no family visits and lack of access to the media'
- 'inhuman and degrading treatment' in the prison
Ireland does not believe he is innocent, and he served time for other crimes in Ireland while this decision was made. But they do not agree with inhuman conditions present in the supermax prisons.
I have to agree: the US prison system is built on the idea that severe punishment of criminals will reduce crime, something I do not believe. I'm not mentioning what this mans' crimes were because I don't think it matters. I don't think it should affect whether or not this man should be put through time in a prison that is used as an argument against the death penalty, because it apparently does more harm than death to its inmates through psychological damage.
There are many other countries in the world (especially in Europe) that have many dangerous criminals, and manage to keep them locked up without infringing on human rights.
Come on, America.
(if you really want to know more about how awful this supermax prison is, read this.)
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Writing and speaking about it for sure @drwhat! I’ve also seen some really good documentary films that have come out of it.
@Nicolejb that's true. And more people who have been in prison writing and speaking about the reality of time spent in jail helps too
@nicolejb Pretty much. It's incredibly frustrating to see and yet most people have no idea. They just assume prisons are for bad people who do bad things and the system si working when it's not at all
I know this is a bad example, but I really feel like pop culture can help that. Like honestly Orange is the New Black is a good example. most people had no clue until they watched that show! @drwhat
This is SO embarrassing for the U.S. You know you have a problem with your prisons when...