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K-POP Challenge Time!

Make a list of who would be your K-pop clique (who would be your group of best friends in the K-pop world?!)

Be sure to tag me in your clique card!!!




MEET THE BFF. We are literally (okay, not literally) joined at the hip. We do pretty much everything together and people sometimes get us confused or think we're the same person. We're equally insane and are always up to no good.


Whenever I need someone who will cheer me up without fail, and without judgement, I go to Changsub. If I need to scream my anger out, he'll take me to noraebang - even if its 3am. He keeps secrets (usually) and is the first person I head to when I am in over my head. He seems like a goofball but he's the glue that keeps our clique together.


My happy pill. No matter what I'm going through I can talk to Sandeul and he'll give me awesome advice and then cheer me up. We goof off but can talk about serious things too. We're the kind of friends that are great in a group, but completely different and much closer when it's just the two of us.


She's my main girl. She acts like one of the guys and reminds me to never take anyone's shit. She never lets anyone put her or any of her friends down and is the insane older sister of the group. Plus she's always down to eat.


If I am ever, ever in a jam, I can call up Bora. She's always on my side no matter what and even if she knows I'm wrong, she'll back me up. She keeps our group in line, and if someone isn't being cool she calls them out. She keeps us all real and is that one friend that I would always love to become haha


He's my little brother that I protect with my life. Maybe 'son' is more accurate. He does his own thing most of the time, but I'm always checking up on him and am proud of him every day. The annoying mom that screams 'THATS MY SON' at football games? Yeah, that's me.


When I need a serious reality check, I can go to Sunggyu. He'll also tell me to stop complaining and man-up. He is always busy so he doesn't hang with the group too much but is always there when any one of us need him, and we're always there for him!


We're so on the same wave length it's scary. He's that friend that you wish you had romantic feelings for because you know you'd be great together - but really you're just awesome friends for life. We don't need to see each other every day, or even every month, but we're tight as hell. Basically, we're soul mates friend soul mates haha


The bae. But that's another story...
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@szewwy If I could be just bffs with kevin i would be so happy hhahaha
I will do this, it just might take me a little teeny weeny bit of (two weeks) time XD
I wanna join but it will take me time to think of the perfect team for me lol
I want to do this but what if it is the same person on all of them lol
@kpopandkimchi I'm totally going to do this on Sunday.