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(Hoa Minzy, for those of you who want to know :D)
This is so late , but I still hope you enjoy it ^^ Thanks again to @PassTheSuga & @aabxo for the challenge theme, our new playlist challenge will be from @poojas and I will post it sometime this week ^^
For those of you who missed the first half of my playlist, and are interested in checking it out you can do so >>here<<
Okay with that said, let us delve into the summer music goodness together ^-^


Shout out to my awesome little sister @jiggzy19 for showing this group to me ^^
If you haven't heard of ZPZG what rock have you been living under? ...probably the same one I was until last week XD I know they aren't perfect, and at the same standard as some of the more popular groups, but as @jiggzy19 says they are like uncut gems, they just need to be cut and polished before they can shine...I'm pretty sure she isn't talking about actually cutting them and then polishing them...I hope she isn't at least XD
Either way this is a great summer song :D

21. Son Tung M-TP - Anh Không Hiểu

Once again I must thank @jiggzy19 for showing me this awesome song ^^
Yes this is V-Pop, because I roll that way XD Probably not gonna be to everyone's taste, but at least give it a chance and see what you think, definitely gonna be pumping this song in the car, and anywhere else I can when Summer rolls around here in Australia ^^ Totally unique and different absolultely

22. Bii - Love More

Bii plays cupid (Cubii) in this MV just in case you were wondering. It is interesting hearing the mix of both Korean and Mandarin in the same song, but I actually find it really cool ^^ and the MV is really sweet :) More of a spring song, but, I imagine you would use this in early summer when the weather still feels like spring :)

23. Cheeta - My Number

(!!!Warning!!! this MV is 19+)

So I wasn't expecting to like this song as much as I do, but what can I say, this song is awesome, totally one of my top summer songs of 2015 ^^

24. Wonder Girls - I Feel You

80's!!!!!!!!! I love this song so much!!!!!! It's just so freakin awesome!!! And they are all looking so fine, like seriously they look amazing. I'm so glad that they are back, and although it was a risky move, I applaud JYP for bringing them back as a band... though I do wish they were all still here, this was brilliant just the same ^^

25. Louie (GEEKS) & Doplamingo - 바래 (Feat. Kasper)

(Kasper and Louie are cute!!!)
I have two people to thank for showing me this, first @BrightestDay247 who showed it to @jiggzy19 who then showed it to me, thanks guys!!! ^^
I absolutely love this song, it is so awesome, Louie's rap and Kasper's vocals go soooo well together, at least I think they do, I had to buy this the moment I heard it :D I hope you like it too ^^

26. AOORA - Lovestagram (Feat. Na Aram)

What's this??? an AOORA song that doesn't come with a R rating??? XD
AOORA switched it up with this track and went for something on the sweeter side :)
Admittedly this song is very spring oriented just like Bii's "Love More" but you do need those transition songs at the beginning of summer this is perfect for that ^^

27. GEEKS - Fly

Love this, this song literally puts a smile on my face every time I hear it, its just so much fun, another awesome song to go driving along the coast to ^^

28. LU:KUS - Break Ya

If you hadn't heard of this relatively unknown group, now you do XD I don't think many people actually knew this song came out this year, which is sort of understandable, seeing as there is no MV...I really hope it wasn't because of money issues, because if it was that is really sad... Anyway this is an awesome dance track, and I hope you all love it as much as I do ^^ I'll include the dance version, in case you aren't interested in just listening to the audio, regarding the dance awesome is that footwork ^^ maybe not the most complex but it looks so cool :)

29. BESTie - Hot Baby

BESTie are one of my favorite groups...lets be honest I have a LOT of favorite groups, but BESTie are pretty high up on the list, this was their Summer release from last year, how could you not love this song, well I suppose simply not liking it would be a way XD

30. Heyne - Red Lie

Heyne is another artist you possibly haven't heard of, she has a very unique voice, which isn't to some peoples taste, but personally I think she is amazing ^^ plus this MV is really cute :)

31. Perfume - Pick Me Up

I feel like this song, is sort of multi-seasonal, I love how Perfume always have the coolest outfits to dance in as well, plus the concept is totally awesome and so clever, the way they depict the experience of shopping XD
well that's my playlist, I cut it a little short this time as it is getting quite late, and I have a lot of other things to do still, I hope you enjoyed it ^^
Let me know what you thought about the songs in the comments ^^
Credit to the owners of all the presented media, I DO NOT own any of it
Love this list! I'm so happy you included Wonder Girls. :)
You're welcome!!! love the songs Matty *\(^o^)/*
@kpopandkimchi glad you liked it kimchi ^^
This was soooo good and i totally had no idea who ZPZG was!!! And yes yes yes to all your picks AS USUAL hahahah
@poojas I can't wait ^^
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