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A.M. on the Manhattan bound N Train, the murky, foggy city comes into view. In the wake of a rainstorm everything seems a little shaky. Even the mighty Brooklyn Bridge, a magnificent structure that graces a million paintings and post cards looks like a wavering leaf about to fall off a tree. I'm a little shaky too. I see the unknown off in the distance, like a skyscraper that's encased in fog. I know it's there, but I'm not sure what's on those upper floors that seem to disappear into the ether that surrounds them.

The unknown is defined as: uncertain, a mystery, an ambiguity something that is impossible to predict.

And early adulthood is the pinnacle of looking into the unknown. When life continues for a while, things tend to even out. We get married. We have stable jobs. And in some cases we fall off the wagon completely. It's a fearful time complete with amazing breakdowns and misplaced anger. I often wake up in cold sweats, trying to picture the next five years, panic stricken with the future bearing down on me like a cartoon anvil controlled by Wil-e-Cyote.
Whether you've just come from college, or the work force, the infancy of things is always a delicate time. Think about when you were a baby. Everyone coddled you, took care of you, fed you and clothed you. There were safety nets in place for every step, every fall, every mistake. We often regret the times we took the safety for granted, especially when we are toddling toward an unknown destination.

We look back to that time when we were protected with disdain, that our stupid, immature selves didn't know how good we had it.

But even more than that, we feel a magnetic pull toward these things we cannot name. And that's the most exciting part, the unknown is a complete mystery. And as much as it scares us, it intrigues us. It seduces us and makes us feel like we're floating on air, as if something up in the smoke will bring us to our destination. It's the possibility of a better life, a bigger existence, some sort of cosmic delivery that keeps us excited and awake. The unknown keeps us moving towards our goals.

The unknown is fuel for the future, and in order to move toward it, we have to stop being afraid.

That's easier said than done, of course, but how hard is it? We have to put our hands up, have faith, get messy and move toward the fog. As difficult and frightening as that may be we will never know what lies ahead until we get there. And the unknown becomes more shiny and brilliant with every step we take toward it. There is no easy way to say this, no miracle or quick fix tip that can help you overcome the fear, but one thing is true: the unknown will stay that way until you get there, so do everything you can to meet it up in the haze, because once you do...everything will become clear.