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Leandra Medine, also known as "the Man Repeller" has built a brand out of telling women how to dress fashionably to offend the opposite sex. The hilarious writer, editor, and at times designer, has a recognizable style that she has documented thoroughly on her site, Man Repeller, and has evolved into a street style star in the process. Medine has a style that eschews categorization, but I'm going to try my best to nail down the Leandra look.
Living in layers.
As evidenced by one of Man Repeller's oldest segments, "Lessons in Layering," knowing how to layer clothing is an important sartorial skill to Medine. What was once a sexy skirt becomes an outer layer to cloak skinny jeans, and shirts go on top of shirts to make any simple outfit into something interesting, intricate, and man repelling.
Dramatic proportions.
From crazy hems to seriously structured silhouettes, Medine loves to make a statement through odd proportions that don't flatter the frame in the traditional sense, but look striking nonetheless. Whether she's countering the sexy look of bare skin or just layering like crazy, Medine takes proportions to the next level.
Oversize pants + stilettos.
Going along with her penchant for dramatic proportions, Medine is no stranger to wide-leg, boyfriend, and oversize pants. Her twiggy legs look awesome in the look, and while it may not be the most appealing to the opposite sex, her wide leg pants look awesome with tiny stilettos poking out. It doesn't hurt that Medine has an incredible shoe collection at that.
Makeshift collars and chokers.
From turtlenecks to choker and collar necklaces and everything in between, Medine likes to keep her neck covered in style. A classic silk scarf knotted around the neck takes the place of another layer in hot weather, and chunky jewelry has a similar effect.
Medine has made it cool to dress to impress none other than yourself, but she's made quite an impression on hoards of budding fashionistas in the process.