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It's important to embrace this kind of wash-out days. The grass is greener...
Keeping us afloat during today's rainstorms is Milo Greene, an L.A.-based group who came out with their second album last year. The first one was so, so good, and the second is lackluster. I saw them in concert a few months ago and they were, frankly, pretty bad. But they hardly played any of the old stuff so I can still hold onto that as sacred. Here's a track from that 2012 self-titled record - it's "1957."
"You act like you don't know me
My god, you tempt my anxious mind"
It's such an angry line. It's a musician's temper: if you piss off a musician, they'll write a song about you. And that's not what you want, usually.
It's cutting, it's direct but still subtle, and it's just ferocious.
Anyone catch the Mike Tyson reference? Anyone?
Didn't think so.