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The AV Club has brought something totally crazy to tumbler and everyone is FREAKING OUT! And you know if it makes most of tumblr freak out its pretty crazy.
We all remember the loving family of bears that taught us life lessons through multiple children's picture books and even a TV show (which I loved even more then Barney).
But the crazy thing is, I remember the spelling as "The BerenstEin Bears", not "The BerenstAin Bears" which is the way the authors themselves said they called them.
Whats crazy is that ALOT of people remember the title as BerenstEin! So the question is ...

"Is it possible that so many people are just wrong about the title?"

Maybe ... But I'm not convinced since every single person I know pronounces Americas favorite family of bears as BerenstEin when it clearly reads BerenstAin.
So in 2012 a blogger called Reese proposed that over the past 10 years there was a switch in parallel universes! A little crazy I know but I mean we either believe in the Big Bang or Creation, both of which are so crazy that we have to understand that some things just can't be fathomed. If you want to read the science behind it, and understand science stuff check out his original post here!
For those of you who are like me and hate science, I'll do you a solid and sum it up for you....well show you the summary because again I am terrible at science!
So I guess I traveled from the E Universe and now reside in the A Universe (this one).
Im kind of getting a little freaked out wondering what else is different from my original universe and if I was able to miss a total change in universe what else am I missing!? Ugh I have a headache.

Let me know what "universe" you are in!

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@LizArnone you totally lost me there so i'm gonna stick with your parallel universe theory hahaha
I am currently lost in an existential crisis thanks haha
Berenstain Bears is how I remember it because I almost always spelled it wrong. do I know what universe I am...but on library books and TV shows, I usually see the letter E...
@jokes right! i just asked my dad what he remembered and he was like freaking out !!! @NerukaWong yure in universe E because you saws the letter E...which means were in a different universe ...... @JaxomB so i guess you are in universe A kind of ? lol ..... THE FIRST ONE ON THIS CARD CONGRATS!