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I realise that people don't need me as much as I thought they did. On the other hand, I don't need people as much as I think I do. I always thought I could gain the approval of my family members if I kept in contact with them and visited then as often as possible. But each time I put out the effort I face disrespect and I'm constantly ignored. After years of warning from situations and friends I finally realise that it doesn't work like that-people don't really care that much and being around them is not the way to go... they got tired of me and have too much to say to and about me. I have resorted to deleting numbers so I'm not tempted to even say hi, that way I prevent the sting of being ignored. And to my surprise, I have actually seen positive results when it comes to respect!! I have been told but I had no idea. I have cut my ties from shame and disgrace. I have cut my ties from the useless opinions on my life. I have cut my ties from the discomfort of trying to be someone for someone else. I only needed to find my strength and just do it! I'm happy now. Relieved!
@alywoah right on!
I love this. I too have cut ties with people who do not appreciate me. It's so important to value yourself, and if people don't value you, they don't deserve space in your life.