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It could all be so simple. No really, it can.

Thanks to Staten Island native, Thomas Knox who decided to put his game to the test and created date while you wait booths on subway platforms to put smiles on commuters faces and possibly a couple potential numbers in their phone. Let's just say this is the adult way of going about a kissing booth -- minus the kissing booth. Think Tinder in the flesh.
To some this may be extremely comical and creepy, but in all honesty this guy is a genius. He's killing two birds with one stone: making commuters mornings and scoring himself a couple dates. Now don't you wish you would've thought of this brilliant idea first?
Knox probably had no clue that people would engage in his self promotion when he took his talents and charm to subway platforms on June 17th. His first stop was at Union Square where he surprisingly reeled in nearly twenty people to participate in his idea of speed dating -- literally.
The set up wasn't five-star, but it was quaint and just enough for the busy subway platforms consisting of a table, two chairs and some flowers.
Whether Thomas's goal was to pick up women or just simply put a smile upon someone's face, he went above and beyond and we can't even be made at him. It's safe to say -- he got game and a lot of it.

If you're looking for love or just a smile -- head to your local subway station and look for Thomas.

isn't it amazing!!! @TerrecaRiley
that's awesome
I love it!!! it's so different. I would be so down lol @Gavriella
i want to find hims and go on a date!!!!
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