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Summer is coming to an end, but whether or not you're taking a summer class, or preparing for your fall semester, school will be back in session before you know it (GASP). If you're an online student, school may look a little different to you.

Sure, you still have tests and homework, but you don't have to be contained in a room for 8 hours a day like a regular student. Where are you going to find the motivation to complete a project when the TV is sitting right there? How can you finish your term paper when a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies are in the kitchen?
In order to succeed as an online student, it's crucial for you to put down your swim suit and pick up some pencils in order to jot down these tips that may come in handy the next time you're enrolled in an online course.

1. Develop a strict schedule.

Set aside a specific time every day to study for tests/quizzes, complete homework, finish a writing activity, etc. and stick to it. Since there isn’t an instructor keeping you on track, you have to be the one to motivate yourself, and essentially set your own limits.

2. Create a creative workspace.

You will stay organized when all your supplies are in one spot. A creative workspace will improve focus by separating your schoolwork from other distractions and responsibilities.

3. Set personal goals and rewards for yourself.

Keep track of your progress in an agenda book, planner, or monthly calendar and set daily, weekly and long-term goals. Always reward yourself when you reach certain milestones that way there’s an incentive to do better the next time.

4. Visualize your motivation.

Think about finishing your online class and completing all your short-term goals for the semester. Remind yourself of what you’re working towards and how many benefits you will receive once you complete a certain goal.

5. There’s a reason why practice makes perfect.

Studying at home can be challenging especially when there are thousands of distractions keeping you from doing what you’re supposed to do. Get into a groove that works for you and practice good study skills until it becomes a habit. You can do this!