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I have been so obsessed with this MV since it came out not only because the track is a JAM but because the styling is so perfect!!!
I broke down the look so that its easier to make the outfits and I think fashionista @jimberlyk can help you out if you have questions I can't answer^^
Now where the hell can I get one of those fuzzy light up jackets...

The Skirts

You're looking for a classic tennis skirt, in any color! If you want the look above, go for a pastel pink or blue :D
Cheap trick: Try also looking at uniform stores (I'm serious, like private school uniforms...I've even seen them at Target!!!) and get the classic uniform skirt. It will come in navy, but it will still be totally cute with pretty much any top you can imagine! That's probably your cheapest option and it will still be great quality :)
Expensive, but this is what you're looking for: American Apparel >>multiple colors<<

The Sweatshirts

You need the perfect comfy sweatshirt. Pastel, oversized, and crew neck is the way to go!
Cheap trick: Hit the thrift stores! Check out your local Good Will or AmVets and raid the sweatshirt rack. You can probably find a cute quirky sweatshirt for $5!!! And the best part is no one else will have the same one!

The Hair & Make Up

Check out these Vingle links!

The Ice Cream

Duh guys! You thought I was going to leave out the ice cream?! It doesn't have to be Baskin Robbins (stupid product placement) but it DOES have to be delicious!