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Yep, believe it or not, this world-dominating creep is loosely based on a real person. And he's not the only one! There are a couple movie and TV characters out there that writers created based on famous people or randoms that they've crossed paths with. I can't decide if that would be totally flattering or totally insulting...I guess it depends on the character.

1. Dr. Evil & Lorne Michaels

This one is definitely insulting! I think it might be a bit of a joke, but apparently when Mike Myers created the character of Dr.Evil, he did so based on the impression he used to do of Lorne Michaels, the producer of SNL. Lorne is notorious for being incredibly intimidating, so I guess it makes some sense, but YIKES this is not a compliment.

2. Olivia Pope & Judy Smith

Totally flattering! Judy Smith is a crisis management expert that worked in the White House, eventually leaving to start her own firm. Sound familiar?? Judy Smith actually works as a consultant on Scandal to make sure they portray her accurately. I'm not sure how much her personal life relates to Olivia Pope's...probably not a lot. I'm guessing Judy wouldn't want to broadcast that she used to make out with the president.

3. Don Draper & Draper Daniels

I didn't know it was possible, but apparently a man as cool as Don Draper actually existed! Draper Daniels shares more than just a name with the Mad Man character, in fact, he was the Chicago ad exec responsible for the super famous Marlboro Man campaign. However, Don Draper's infidelity and alcoholism seem to be exclusive to the TV character.

4. Cosmo Kramer & Kenny Kramer

Probably the most obvious inspiration for a TV character, Kenny Kramer was Larry David's across-the-hall neighbor whose weird obsession with fruit, hot tubs and golf were translated into the Seinfeld character. Funny story: Kenny Kramer actually made a list of demands for Seinfeld because they used his real name. Most were financial, but he did ask to play Cosmo Kramer on the show....obviously that didn't work out!
I had no idea about Don Draper!
Yeah that's true @buddyesd he's a pretty funny character, so maybe its not so bad. I guess it could be worse you could be compared to Joffrey from Game of Thrones or something....
@LauraFisher I don't know, considering he's a popular character I might be flattered of course if the opposite was true then yea I might be insulted lol
Crazy right??! @buddyesd I had no idea until yesterday, but that is seriously a character I would NOT like to be compared to hahaha.
@LauraFisher I never knew Dr evil was based on a real person haha
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