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So This card is by @StarBabes and I, we decided to do this together since we are always hanging out and make these types of scenarios. We want to give you a taste of what we think of/have in our head hahaha.......Thanks @kpopandkimchi for tagging us in this challenge its awesome hahaha anyways meet our crew.........
TIM OPPA (LEO) You might be thinking TIM??? so when @StarBabes and i make Scenarios we always make up fictional characters and Tim Oppa was one that suck and will stay forever, and yes we said Leo is our Tim. Its basically the big brother/member in the group who always question why ther're friends with you, they care deeply about you but don't show it (if something happens to you like if someone hurts you in anyway they would be the first person to come to the rescue of course to cheer you up but mainly beat up the person who hurt you). you get me?? that one friend that always say "your not my friend....i don't like anyone....but some how you guys are okay i guess" ........i hope you understand what a Tim is hahaha
OUR MAIN WEIRD BEST FRIENDS (JHOPE & KANGJUN) So if you know us we are really weird....during lunch we are doing a concert for our friends....We sing, dance, we basically get really loud but mainly we are just really weird in general, and Jhope and Kanjun would be a awesome addition to our weirdness they would be the loud makers with us...the weird funny ones hahaha the way they are is basically how both of us are hehehe :[]
THE PARENTS OF THE GROUP (D.O. & CNU) So by the title you know what this means......basically the ones in the group that take care of all of the members the ones that are always worried about you...they put us before them...they are those friends that get on your back constantly yes they are cool you love them and you love being with them but at times you just want to tell them "dude you worst then my mother" (as a joke of course) hahaha
COOL KIDS OF THE GROUP (SUGA & AMBER) They are the ones in the group that are really chill you love hanging out with them and they are the best ones to give the advice.....they are like our motivators they are the one that always root you on and support you in everyway but also they ones tell us what we need to hear not what we want to hear, basically the ones that open your eyes and drag you back to the real world when at times they let you get a hand but when you cross the line they're like nope and give you a speech (snap you back in your place)
THE BABIES OF THE GROUP (SANDEUL & SIWOO) Doesn't matter if they are the oldest or older than you they are the ones who are so cute and adorable and act like little kids. you cant help but smile at there silliness all you want to do is hug them and squish there cheeks hahaha......at times you speak to them like a little kid and they look at you and say "im older" but you just pinch they're cheeks and say "i know but your a little baby" at times they go along with it but if not they say " no im a man" in the most cutest way that you can help but to hug them and squish their cheeks again hahaha
THE DORK DUO (JACKSON & KEN) They are those friends that comfort you when ever you need someone to talk to about your problems or just need cheering up but they also make you laugh a lot.....they usually make you laugh out of no where....they go by the quote "laughter is the best medicine" how ever they know the limit to stop joking around and get serious....that's when the comfort sets in...there the adorable dorks you trust and can tell anything and everything to
So this our group......our crew hahahaha but wait im forgetting two people....
*BONUS* THE CURLY FRIES BUDDIES (BARO & RAY) So these are the friends that you love they are counted as apart of your group but at the same time not really.......they are the ones that come and go they usually take your food manly your curly fries or your rare potatoes cause ITS REAL JAB BAB (don't know how its spelled) hahaha xD you might be thinking what? and not understand how they fall in this category and again this because of many of @StarBabes and my scenarios and we just had to add them because why not...we love our curly fries buddies
well that's it for our group hahaha hope you liked it bye bye thanks again for tagging @StarBabes and me @kpopandkimichi <3 bye love you
@B1A4BTS5ever, @kpopandkimchi welcome to the group lol xD
@StarBabes i know hahahah
Lol I LOVE IT, so many inside jokes that happened because if these gifs xD
Why haven't I seen this?! This group is AWESOME! xD
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