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Back to school, more like back to TV!!!

Changing leaves and cooler weather always means one thing to favorite shows are back!! Summer TV is okay, but it doesn't quite compare to the return of the classic cable shows. Sure, I'll watch them a day late on Hulu (cable is dead, if you haven't heard), but I'm so pumped for fall TV!
Here's the full schedule. I'll compile some of what I think are the most important dates for all you TV lovers out there :)


9/21 at 8pm - Big Bang Theory
9/21 at 8pm - The Voice
9/22 at 8pm - Scream Queens (check out my other card for details about this new show!)
9/23 at 9pm - Modern Family
9/24 - Grey's Anatomy at 8pm, Scandal at 9pm and How To Get Away With Murder at 10pm (it's a night full of Shonda Rhimes!!!!)
9/27 at 8pm - Once Upon A Time


10/4 at 9pm - The Good Wife
10/8 at 8pm - The Vampire Diaries
10/19 at 9pm - Jane the Virgin
10/26 at 8:30pm - Supergirl (check out some of @shannonl5's cards for details on this exciting premiere!!)

Fall can't get here fast enough. SO LITTLE TIME, SO MUCH TO WATCH! Which shows are you TV lovers most excited about??

it's going to be a super busy year haha.
@shannonl5 can't wait to see Super girl. It's a nice change
Thank you for the list
@MooshieBay which ones are you looking forward to?
Thanks for the tag! I'm really excited about Supergirl ^_^