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The Beautiful Benefits Of Using Coffee For Your Hair And Skin

Not only are you in for a surprise, but your skin is too.

If you thought coffee was only good for keeping you up during that meeting at work or while you study for a big exam -- think again. Coffee has more benefits than most people are aware of and I'm here to bare good news.
Thanks to the amazing qualities of coffee, both your skin and hair can get a morning boost too -- leaving them booth rejuvenated and healthy. Doing it yourself is always the better option, leave those expensive bottles on the shelf and get down and dirty in your kitchen while creating your own delicious combination.

Exfoliating Your Skin

Coffee grounds are the perfect consistency for the perfect body exfoliator. Why purchase one at the store when you can easily make your own at home. Grab some natural products and get to mixing. This scrub will help unclog pores and brighten skin. It is gentle and natural enough to be used on your face as well -- your skin will appreciate you.

Repair Dry, Cracked Feet

Mix together coffee grounds and coconut oil with a splash of vanilla for a yummy scent to repair and soften dry, cracked feet. Allow your feet to soak in soapy water and apply mixture for ten minutes massaging into damaged skin before rinsing with warm water. Your feet will feel and look good as new.

Brighten Brown Locks

Who needs hair dye when you have coffee? If you find your hair color fading, but don't want to spend money on hair dye -- mix together coffee grounds and water to create a past. Apply the paste to freshly shampooed hair and allow to sit before rinsing off. Your color will be alive and kicking.

Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

Tell those bags under your eyes to get lost. Letting coffee grounds sit under your eyes and on your eyelids while you soak in the bath or take a shower will reduce puffiness and give your eyes some life. Give this method about 30 minutes to an hour before seeing results.

Folger's wasn't lying. It is the best part of waking up.

If you're looking for an amazing product that won't break your pockets, but will leave you vibrant and healthy looking -- choose coffee. Always.
Does it really work under your eyes? I have constant bags and my eyes due to college and work.
@Animaniafreak it can definitely get messy, but I think since the grounds are so tiny it wouldn't clog. definitely give the soak a try, I think it would be extremely beneficial and leave your skin feeling extremely smooth
defintiely interesting, but amazing @esha
The ground coffees are quite messy to clean up, it's a decent body exfoliator but when washing it off I'm always afraid it will clog the drain. Nonetheless I still wanna try the feet soak thing, I have chronic cracked heels :/
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What You Need to Know Before Having Eyelid Surgery
Blepharoplasty is the surgery to remove fat or wrinkles on your eyelids, which is often called eyelid surgery. An eyelid lift is a cosmetic surgery performed by plastic surgeons to remove droopy eyes and make them better. Before making decisions, you should consider some things before and after Blepharoplasty. Things to Consider Before and After blepharoplasty From searching for the best plastic surgeon, to taking care of your eyes after the surgery, some of the things one should know before going forward. The surgeon will provide all the details of course, like the recovery process and medication drugs. Check which Procedure is Right Everyone is different so I would highly recommend you to talk with the experts to make sure you are good to do the surgery. Talk with the best plastic surgeon for blepharoplasty in Mumbai, to get the best results possible. They can answer all the questions or problems regarding baggy eyelids or eyelid surgery. How much does Blepharoplasty cost? The cost of blepharoplasty may change depending on the skills of the surgeon and the equipment. It also depends on the position of the eyelid, if more work needs to be done then the cost will be high. Mumbai has some of the best plastics surgeons in India, one can only get better results when they consider, the choice of surgeon and type of procedure more, than the cost of surgery. Going for the most affordable procedure may or may not give better results, because everybody is different. Best Plastic Surgeons for Blepharoplasty This can be tough, as there are multiple plastic surgeons out there. A doctor who is board certified in plastic surgery would be the best. Also look for the most experienced doctor, as he or she will be able to minimize any problems and give you better results. Check for the reviews you can find them on the internet easily from their previous patients. Is Eyelid Lift Risky? Blepharoplasty surgery is considered to be safe by experts as there are no post-surgery scars. As the surgery is done through the inside of the eye. Some small risks are included like double vision, unable to close lids after surgery for some amount of time, infections, and bleeding or dry Eyes. But the chances of getting these will be reduced, by an experienced surgeon. Recovery Time after Eyelid Surgery The surgery may cause bruises and swelling but that’s no cause for concern. The bruises and swelling will vanish in one week max. Although you will need to keep the bandage intact. No scars will be left behind. Your eyes will look better and go to their natural state in 4 weeks. Till then you need to take care and follow the restrictions told by your plastic surgeon. Bruising can be controlled by the following methods ● Use ice packs to help with the swelling. ● Use all prescribed medication and ointments to promote healing. ● Avoid heavy lifting and swimming for at least one week. ● Avoid smoking. ● Do not rub your eyes (or around them). ● Do not use contact lenses for at least two weeks. ● Stay out of the sun and use SPF if you have to go out. ● Keep your head elevated at all times, even when sleeping. ● Avoid strenuous activities or exercise. ● Follow the surgeon’s recommendations for recovery. What to wear after Surgery? Going outside should not be healthy as the sun rays may affect your skin as it will be recovering from surgery. But after the bandage is removed you can wear sunglasses with SPF protection that covers the eye from the sun. Always check with your surgeon before doing anything like wearing makeup, or using sunscreen with SPF protection. As recovery may be different for everyone depending on how surgery went. Summary Check with doctors and experts about the procedure need to carry out for blepharoplasty. Don’t consider the cost or price of eyelid surgery, Choice of the surgeon and best procedure is a priority. Follow all the steps provided by your surgeon. Take good care of your eyes and yourself after surgery. Check with your surgeon immediately, if you feel anything is wrong with your eyes. Wear sunglasses to protect from UV Rays. Eyes will get better in 3 to 4 weeks maximum.
How to Get Rid of Man-Boobs
Gynecomastia is a condition of overdeveloped or enlarged breasts in men that can occur at any age. Also known as 'man boobs', this condition can be the result of hormonal changes, heredity, obesity or the use of certain drugs. Gynecomastia can cause emotional discomfort and affect your self-confidence. Some men may even avoid certain physical activities and intimacy simply to hide their condition. Many people misunderstand the condition of gynecomastia with fat. Breast enlargement in men happens due to inactivity, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet. You may lose fat by exercising and following a proper diet but the gynecomastia will remain unchanged. If you are one of the 20% men who are suffering from gynecomastia, make these lifestyle changes before undergoing surgery. * Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. * Limit the amount of sugar in your diet. * Reduce alcohol consumption. * Commit to 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, at least three times a week. * Start resistance training with weights, bands or exercise balls. Things you should look for before your surgery No man wants to hear that he needs surgery on his chest. But if you do undergo gynecomastia surgery, rest assured that the scars are typically very well hidden. But it is important that you choose the right surgeon. * The doctor should be a certified surgeon. * He/ She should be well experienced in treating gynecomastia. * Your cosmetic surgeon should understand the underlying causes of your gynecomastia. Gynecomastia surgery cost in Mumbai. There are excellent plastic surgeons in Mumbai, however the cost of your surgery would depend upon the type of treatment required. It could range about anywhere between Rs 55000 to Rs 110000. You can achieve the best results only when you follow the guidelines given by an experienced surgeon than rather opting for cheaper solutions. Risks involved in gynecomastia surgery. Gynecomastia surgery is a 45-minute surgery that has no serious risks. The scar of the surgery is well hidden and you won't even feel like you have undergone surgery. However, there are a few minor risks involved in this surgery. What are the risks of gynecomastia surgery? The decision to have plastic surgery is extremely personal, and you will have to decide if the benefits will achieve your goals and if the risks and potential complications of gynecomastia surgery are acceptable. You will be asked to sign consent forms to ensure that you fully understand the procedure and any risks and potential complications. Gynecomastia surgery risks include: * Anesthesia risks * Bleeding (hematoma) * Blood clots * Breast asymmetry * Breast contour and shape irregularities * Changes in nipple or breast sensation may be temporary or permanent * Damage to deeper structures – such as nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and lungs – can occur and may be temporary or permanent * Deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications * Fatty tissue found in the breast might die (fat necrosis) * Fluid accumulation (seroma) * Infection * Persistent pain * Poor wound healing Things you should take care of after the surgery. * Rest for at least a day or two after the surgery. * Hydrate with a lot of fluids after the surgery. * Sleep at a 45-degree angle to avoid pain. * Follow the prescribed medication to avoid any infections. Conclusion Generally, this surgery is very harmless and easy to recover from. Do your homework before consulting a doctor. Doctors and experts will help you throughout the surgery and recovery phase. They will assist you in case of any complications. Post-surgery do's are very easy to follow and if followed correctly you'll be totally normal within a week.
The Christmas Latte to Rule Them All
I've talked about this cafe before, and I'll talk about it again. All That Sweets is hands down my favorite dessert cafe on Earth. Watch my video review here or read below^^ Today I went alone so I passed on a slice of the strawberry shortcake but look how adorable is it! Their cakes are always light and creamy, though the flavors change daily! I've seen chocolate, vanilla, and even kiwi cakes. Instead I opted for one of their amazing macarons. Because I came late in the day, my only option was the chocolate raspberry "merry xmas" heart macaron, but I probably would have chosen that anyway. These flavors also vary with the season but every single one I've ever tried has been absolutely delicious. But of course, the star of the show is my Christmas Tree Latte <3 Their lattes are amazingly intricate, and they have a dozen of them on the menu at all times. The homemade (delicious) whipped cream is covered in melted chocolate, sprinkles, and meringue cookies. I seriously thought I hated meringue until I tried these babies. Now I can't get enough! They sell these for the month of December, and then usually move on to make snowflake or other winter themed lattes. All year 'round they offer rose, raincloud, and even coral styled lattes! This year they also introduced a gingerbread man latte that I was tempted to get, but I had to stick to my traditional tree :) You can also find me here: Tumblr Instagram Twitter Facebook SnapChat: cari.cakez
3 Ways to Get Rid of Stubborn Dark Circles
Dark circles have many causes, and you have probably tried many under eye creams already in vain. Read on to find out how you can quickly get rid of your under eye problems with the help of your cosmetic dermatologist. 1. Retinol Retinol is a holy grail anti-aging ingredient. It is a vitamin A derivative that signals your skin to repair and rejuvenate. When you use it to get rid if dark circles, it is not only able to remove under eye pigmentation, but also reduce under eye wrinkles and crows feet lines. Get the best results by applying a hyaluronic acid serum, layering it with retinol and topping it off with a ceramide moisturizer.  2. Under Eye Dermal Fillers Dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are ideal if you have sunken eyes. Such under eye hollows cast a shadow and make your dark circles appear worse than they are. Dermal fillers for under eye dark circles is a very satisfying treatment. You walk in to your dermatologist's clinic looking tired and walk out transformed! The results may last for 6 months to 2 years depending on which fillers you choose to have. 3. PRP Treatment PRP treatment appeals to almost everyone as it is extremely natural. There are no injections, no chemicals and no lasers involved in this one. The treatment uses your own plasma growth factors to rejuvenate your under eye area and treat dark circles. The treatment works best along with micro-needling to stimulate collagen and break down under eye pigmentation. You will need 1 session every 4 to 6 weeks for up to 4 times to see complete results. Feel free to discuss these treatment options with your dermatologist and check if they are right option for your under eye problems.
neon signs
neon signs Which city has the most neon signs? Los Angeles Neon Cruise, Los Angeles Journey through the biggest centralization of unique neon signs on the planet on board an open-beat, multi-level bus. For what reason is neon useful for lights? Neon is utilized in light of the fact that it is one of the honorable gases. One attribute of these components is that every molecule has a filled electron shell, so the particles don't respond with different iotas and it takes a great deal of energy to eliminate an electron. There is a terminal at one or the flip side of the cylinder. neon signs For what reason do we utilize neon signs? Neon cylinders can be manufactured in bending creative shapes, to frame letters or pictures. They are principally used to make sensational, diverse shining signage for publicizing, called neon signs, which were mainstream from the 1920s to 1960s and again during the 1980s. Where are the neon lights in Tokyo? Shinjuku Shinjuku. Shinjuku is likely the most celebrated spot to see the neon lights of Tokyo. Simply remove one stage from the west exit of JR Shinjuku Station and you'll understand. There are neon lights all over. Do neon lights utilize a ton of power? Driven Neon VS Traditional lighting An ordinary LED neon light's force utilization is 150 watts. Relatively talking, the force utilization is 610 watts and 400 watts for fluorescent and neon glass, individually. That by itself is proof of a lower power draw for a similar kind of lighting impact. neon signs How long will a neon sign last? somewhere in the range of eight and 15 years Most neon signs are relied upon to last somewhere in the range of eight and 15 years, albeit many keep on working for any longer than that. Leaving a sign turned on for delayed periods can abbreviate its life expectancy, and leave it in danger of overheating or supporting harm from electrical floods. For what reason do neon tubes shine orange? GAS DISCHARGE TUBES radiate various tones relying upon the component contained inside. Neon signs are orange, similar to the word material science above. The subsequent plasma of charged particles and electrons conveys the electric flow between the cylinder's cathodes. Are neon lights protected to leave on? The appropriate response is yes. Despite the fact that it might appear to be nonsensical, leaving your neon sign on all day, every day will make it last more. The power cost will be insignificant. What occurs in the event that you breathe in neon? Inward breath: This gas is inactive and is named a basic asphyxiant. Inward breath in unnecessary focuses can bring about wooziness, queasiness, retching, loss of cognizance, and demise. Demise may result from mistakes in judgment, disarray, or loss of awareness which forestall self-salvage. neon signs Would you be able to contact neon? No. Neon is totally protected to the touch and won't consume you. At the point when produced and introduced effectively, neon will just at any point run warm. The anodes that are connected to each piece of neon tubing, that make the beginning and end point for the current to travel, do get hot and ought to not be contacted. What are 3 employments of neon? Neon is additionally used to make high-voltage markers and changing gear, lightning arresters, plunging hardware and lasers. Fluid neon is a significant cryogenic refrigerant. It has more than 40 times more refrigerating limit per unit volume than fluid helium, and multiple occasions that of fluid hydrogen. Is Neon more brilliant than LED? Brilliance: LED shows are far more splendid than neon. They can be seen from additional away, even with no attempt at being subtle. neon signs What might occur if neon didn't exist? Without neon there would be no neon signs which would hurt the general population and business the same. Neon's utilization in wave meter tubes, TV cylinders, and helium-neon lasers would be lost. Also, its utilization in certain refrigeration applications instead of the more costly fluid helium would be lost. Does Neon mean new? Neon is a substance component with the image Ne and nuclear number 10. The name neon is gotten from the Greek word, νέον, fix solitary type of νέος (neon), which means new. Neon is synthetically latent, and no uncharged neon compounds are known.
3 Lifestyle Habits that can Cause Acne Breakouts
Your acne is coded in your genes and governed by your hormones. While these two factors are not in your control, your lifestyle which affects your skin equally, IS. Here are the most important lifestyle changes that you can make to reduce your acne breakouts... 1. Clean your mobile phone Your mobile phone is pressed against your cheeks while you chat away with friends. The bacteria from your skin gets transferred on to the screen and stays there till it gets pressed on your skin again. Besides this your phone may have food residue from the time that you were eating and texting and dust from lying on dirty surfaces. If you have acne prone skin, make sure you sanitize the surface of your mobile phone at least once every day. 2. Wash your face less often If you have oily skin which is prone to breakouts, chances are that you are washing your face more than twice daily. That, coupled with acne treatment AHA toners, salicylic acid serums and retinol night creams can over dry your skin. This leads your skin to produce even more oil which in turn feeds acne causing bacteria. Wash your face maximum 3 times a day. Once in the morning when you wake up and shower, once before sleeping at night and an additional time after a workout or outdoor exposure. 3. Reduce your carb intake Refined carbs such as bread, pasta and fried food have a high glycemic index. They increase blood sugar and cause a spike in the hormone Insulin. High glycemic foods are very inflammatory for the body and also disturb your gut bacteria. This in turn disturbs your skin microbiome. Increase your intake of fresh vegetables and salads instead. These are loaded with antioxidants which help your skin in healing faster. If you have been struggling with acne breakouts for a while, getting a little help from your dermatologist could go a long way in getting rid of your acne.
3 Cosmetic Treatments that Celebrities Love
Hollywood stars look picture perfect on the Red Carpet. They work hard to achieve that uber-glam look by having a healthy diet and fitness routine. But every now and then, they do get a little help from their dermatologist to refresh their timeless look. Here are the top 3 treatments that celebrities indulge in... Botox Botox is used to achieve a tight and shiny forehead, lift-up eyebrows that droop with age and get rid of the creases that occur on the outer corner of your eyes when you smile. Almost every celebrity facing the camera gets Botox at some time in their life. When this treatment is done in the correct way, with low doses, the face looks ageless. But when the dose is too much or wrongly placed, then our celebrities end up looking more botched up than beautiful! Lip Fillers Celebrities have lip fillers for two reasons. The young ones may feel insecure about thin lips and want to plump up their pout. While the older ones lose lip volume as they age and also develop whistler's lines or smoker's lines. Lip fillers are like art, or sculpture. Your dermatologist is responsible for creating a beautiful shape that looks natural and complements your facial proportions. Badly done lips are called a 'trout pout' or 'duck-bill lips' and there's nothing appealing about them. Skin Tightening Everyone of us including celebrities use anti-aging creams. But that isn't the true reason behind their tight skin. Celebrities indulge in skin tightening treatment such as Thermage, Ultherapy and Fraxel once a year. These are usually done when they are on vacation, to hide the down time. These skin tightening treatments can reverse several years of skin aging with just a single treatment session. The result is a lifted, firm and rejuvenated skin. If you wish to glam up your look consider speaking to your dermatologist about these treatment options.
5 Luxurious Travel Essentials
Who doesn’t love to travel, right? And we need to have some travel essentials whenever we plan a trip. I am calling these items luxury because I do believe that all these items will make your day-to-day life, while you’re traveling, a little bit easier and will add some sort of luxury to your day. So, without further delay, let’s get into it! · Silk Sleepwear The first thing that I have to have with me while I’m traveling is luxurious and comfortable sleepwear. I always make sure that I pack some silk pajamas with me. The reason why I’m stressing over silk sleepwear is that generally when we are traveling, we do get very tired. While sightseeing, we walk a lot more than we usually do. So, the last thing I would want is to not sleep really well. Also, you can’t just predict how comfortable your hotel room is going to be. So, the least I could do is wrap myself with really comfortable silk sleepwear. It is anti-bacterial and quite good for your skin as well. · Foldable Change Tray I know it sounds strange to carry around a change tray with you when you’re traveling but it does make an amazing companion to your trip. The one that I have is made of leather and I use it at home as well. I feel more at home when I carry these small pieces with me. Whenever I have to come back to the hotel after traveling around, I take off all my jewelry and its bits and pieces. I always worry about losing things in the hotel or dropping them off from the side table. So, I use this change tray to put all my jewelry safe and secure and I know where to find them the next morning. · Affordable Sunglasses A pair that protects your eyes from the direct sunlight and looks stylish at the same time is a must to carry. Whenever you take traveling pictures, they add so much style and aura to your travel outfits. You need to protect your eyes because you will be outside most of the time. Don’t buy an expensive pair of sunglasses because there are chances that you end up losing them during your travel. So, carry an affordable pair. · Vanity Case My next travel essential is a vanity case or a toiletry case that is waterproof and also one that comes with a hook to hang on the wall. Whenever you are not sure how much space you’re going to have in your hotel’s bathroom, this is such a good item to take with you. There are many varieties of vanity cases available on sites like Shopify. So do check them out too! · Versatile Scarf/Shawl Whenever you are traveling, even if it is during summer, the weather can be a little bit unpredictable. I do find shawls or scarfs that can be worn in a lot of different ways, a lot more versatile than a cardigan or jacket. A scarf or shawl can be carried around very easily because they fold up really well, taking up the least space possible. So, these were my favorite travel essentials that I make sure to carry around every time I go on a trip. Hope you found them useful. Happy Traveling!
kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml
Kem Trị Mụn Thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml Chính Hãng Nhật Bản Nguồn gốc của kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml Với tiêu chí giảm thiểu các can thiệp mạnh vào làn da đặc biệt là khuôn mặt phụ nữ, Nhật Bản đã cho nghiên cứu, sản xuất kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml. Kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml được nghiên cứu bởi các bác sỹ chuyên khoa và các chuyên gia da liễu hàng đầu Nhật Bản. Như đã biết, Nhật Bản là đất nước đứng đầu châu Á về tính cách cẩn thận, tỉ mỉ. Mỗi sản phẩm của đất nước mặt trời mọc làm ra đều được trải qua những quy trình hết sức khắt khe, nguyên tắc, nghiêm ngặt. Chính vì vậy mà khi đã đưa ra thị trường, các sản phẩm của Nhật Bản luôn nhận được sự phản hồi tích cực của người dùng. Trong các lĩnh vực sản xuất dược phẩm, mỹ phẩm Nhật Bản cũng được xếp hạng cao trong trong châu Á và trên thế giới. Đó là nhờ cả tâm, tài và kỹ thuật trong sản xuất. Đơn cử như sản phẩm kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml của Nhật Bản. Sản phẩm được nghiên cứu rất cẩn thận, thử nghiệm trên nhiều mẫu vật thí nghiệm khác nhau. Khi đưa vào sản xuất đại trà cũng luôn được theo dõi sát sao từng khâu một. Các thành phần của sản phẩm không những phải tự nhiên, an toàn mà còn cần đúng các tỉ lệ cần thiết. Trong mọi khâu của quy trình sản xuất đều được tự động hóa, độ chính xác cao gần như tuyệt đối. Vì vậy mà từ khi sản phẩm kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml ra đời, những người bị mụn thịt không còn lo lắng nữa. Họ không phải chịu đựng những nốt mụn thịt đáng ghét. Họ cũng không cần phải đến bệnh viện hay trung tâm thẩm mỹ để phẫu thuật loại bỏ mụn thịt. Chỉ cần thoa kem ở nhà là những nốt mụn thịt đó đã hoàn toàn biến mất. Thành phần của kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml Với mục đích đặt sức khỏe của người tiêu dùng lên hàng đầu, Nhật Bản rất kỹ tính, cẩn thận khi lựa chọn nguyên liệu làm ra sản phẩm. Với những sản phẩm chăm sóc da thì điều này càng cần thiết. Tính an toàn và hiệu quả cao cần luôn luôn song hành trong các sản phẩm. Các nhà nghiên cứu, sản xuất kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml đã đưa vào sản phẩm các nguyên liệu hoàn toàn tự nhiên. Đó là 22 loại thảo dược thiên nhiên cực kỳ an toàn, lành tính. Sản phẩm không sử dụng các loại hóa chất mạnh làm bào mòn, mỏng da. Chính vì vậy sản phẩm không gây dị ứng, kích ứng da, không làm cho da bị mỏng đi, loang lổ. Kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml thích hợp với mọi đối tượng, ngay cả những người có làn da mỏng manh, nhạy cảm nhất. Các thành phần của kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml bao gồm: chanh, diếp cá, rễ nhân sâm, ngải cứu, rễ cây bạch chi, trà, chiết xuất hoa quả dưa chuột, lá ivy, chiết xuất giống cây cúc hoa, chiết xuất hạt mơ, lúa mạch giống, chiết xuất ngọc trai, chiết xuất rễ tỏi,… Đây đều là những nguymụn thịt biến mất từ từ và hoàn toàn. Từ đó trả lại cho làn da nhẵn mịn phẳng phiu đều màu.ên liệu hoàn toàn tự nhiên, an toàn. Các nguyên liệu này có tác dụng cao giúp cho Công dụng kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml Kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml có công dụng chính nằm ngay trong tên gọi của sản phẩm. Tuy nhiên, ngoài công dụng đó ra thì sản phẩm còn rất nhiều công dụng khác. Các công dụng cụ thể của sản phẩm kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml bao gồm: · Dưỡng ẩm cho da. Các thành phần thiên nhiên có trong kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml giúp cung cấp nước cho da. Nhờ vậy làn da luôn luôn có độ ẩm cần thiết, không bị khô da. · Loại bỏ mụn thịt, mụn cám. Nhờ có Ethanon và các thành phần khác mà kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon có thể tách phần mụn thịt và da sừng ra khỏi làn da. Công đoạn này diễn ra từ từ nên người bệnh không hề cảm thấy đau rát. Sau đó phần mụn thịt, da sừng sẽ khô lại thành vẩy và bong ra. Điều đặc biệt là kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml giúp cho các mụn thịt đó không tái phát. Nhờ vậy người dùng yên tâm sẽ có làn da nhẵn nhụi, láng mịn không ngờ. · Giúp da trắng sáng, đều màu. Một trong những công dụng lớn của kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml là sau khi tiêu diệt mụn thịt sẽ trả lại làn da trắng sáng đều màu. Người dùng không còn lo sợ tại vị trí mụn thịt trước kia sẽ thành những đốm da khác màu so với những vị trí còn lại. Ngược lại, làn da sẽ trở nên trắng sáng mịn màng và đều màu tại tất cả các vị trí. · Ngăn ngừa lão hóa da. Kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml còn có tác dụng ngăn ngừa lão hóa da. Nhờ vậy các dấu hiệu của lão hóa da đặc biệt là vùng da quanh mắt như mụn thịt, mụn cóc, vết chân chim, nếp nhăn sẽ không còn. Thậm chí cả các quầng thâm quanh mắt cũng biến mất. Làn da đàn hồi tốt hơn, săn chắc hơn. Hướng dẫn sử dụng và bảo quản kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml Hướng dẫn sử dụng Kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml được thiết kế giống hình cây bút nhỏ gọn rất dễ sử dụng và mang theo người. Trước khi sử dụng kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml nên rửa mặt và những vùng có mụn thịt thật sạch rồi lau khô. Nhất định chỉ thoa kem lên vùng da đã sạch và khô thì mới có hiệu quả. Chỉ cần xoay nắp tuýp kem sáng bên phải cho đến khi thấy đầu chổi lông hướng lên trên rồi thoa vào mụn thịt theo hình tròn. Đầu chổi lông này sẽ đưa gel tác dụng trực tiếp và sâu vào bên trong mụn thịt, lớp da chết. Hơn nữa nhờ lớp chổi lông có ma sát mạnh mà phần mụn thịt, da chết nhanh chóng bị làm mềm ra, rụng đi, tan hết những mụn thịt, mụn gạo. Nên sử dụng mỗi ngày hai lần sáng và tối để phát huy tác dụng của kem. Ngoài sử dụng với vùng da quanh mắt, kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml cũng có thể dùng với những vị trí khác như cổ, cánh tay,… Sản phẩm mang đến hiệu quả cao sau một thời gian ngắn sử dụng. Hướng dẫn bảo quản Sản phẩm kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml cần bảo quản cẩn thận. Không nên để sản phẩm tại những nơi ẩm ướt hay có ánh nắng. Không để sản phẩm trong tầm tay trẻ em. Những mụn thịt nhỏ tuy không làm ảnh hưởng đến sức khỏe nhưng lại khiến người bệnh mất tự tin. Hãy để kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml giúp đánh tan những mụn thịt đáng ghét đó. Sản phẩm này thực sự là một thứ “vũ khí” nhỏ nhưng có võ, một bí kíp bỏ túi cho những quý cô, quý bà bị mụn thịt ám ảnh. Giá Thành Kem Trị Mụn Thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml Chính Hãng Nhật Bản Giá : 289.000 VNĐ Kem trị mụn thịt Tsubuporon 1.8ml Nhật Bản giúp đánh tan những mụn thịt. Sản phẩm này thực sự là một thứ “vũ khí” nhỏ nhưng có võ, một bí kíp bỏ túi cho những quý cô, quý bà bị mụn thịt ám ảnh.
Everything You Need To Know About Breast Lift
Breast lift surgery is the process of lifting up a woman’s breast to reduce sagging and improve her appearance. If the nipple and areolae are pointing downward or drooping downwards, then this surgery helps to lift them up. People get confused between breast augmentation and breast lift. Let me tell you both are different and could be done together if needed by the patient. The consultation process before any surgery is extremely important. So choose your breast surgeon well and discuss the cost of breast lift, recovery process after the breast lift surgery and the things that you need to take care of before the surgery. Consider All These Things For Breast Lift Surgery How to prepare for lift surgery? Well, start with looking for the best cosmetic surgeon to consult with. Ask about the importance of surgery, whether or not you need only a breast lift or also breast augmentation. Many women opt for both surgeries inorder to achieve the best result. It’s not necessarily true that breast lift will increase your cup size. Do you need a breast lift? A woman’s chest may start drooping due to a lot of reasons. When your breasts are sagging and the nipples face downward, then you can consider a breast lift. The surgery also reduces the areolae size along with improving the shape of your breasts. Making it appear fuller and firm. You might consider mastopexy if: * Your breasts are flatter and longer due to stretching, so they start to sag. * When your chest is unsupported then the nipple might fall below the crease of breasts. * You have downward-pointing areolar and nipples. * Out of proportion of the areolae in comparison to the breasts. * Uneven breast, one is uneven and sags more than the other. Consultation With A Plastic Surgeon Talking and communicating with your plastic surgeon is the most important step for this process. Checking all the corners to see if you are compatible with the ongoing process. Past health: Your plastic surgeon will ask for a medical history, checking for any complications or risk beforehand. They will check for mammograms also called breast x-ray scans. Definitely check for cancer or any abnormalities that can affect during surgery. If you had any surgeries recently or a medical condition, share it with your surgeon. Physical tests: Depending on the position of the nipples and areolae, the surgeon will examine your chest area to determine the best procedure. Surgeons will measure your breast, skin tone and best lift height for your body type. They will also take photos for medical documentation. Talk about final results: Convey to your breast surgeon, what your end goal is from your perspective. Tell them why you need breast surgery, what your appearance should look like. Understand all the risks and complications of the surgery. Post Surgery Recovery The recovery process after a breast lift surgery will need 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how detailed the surgery was. A post-surgery bra will keep your breast firm for recovery. Depending on the stitches, you may have to appoint a follow-up, to remove the stitches. You cannot do any strenuous physical tasks during the recovery period of about a week. The operated area may be slightly bruised and swollen for up to 2 weeks. Numbness may last for 4 weeks, along with pain near the incisions. Nipples may feel sore and may appear pinker than usual. However, the surgeon will provide you pain medication for the first 2 weeks. What to do after a breast lift? * Take pain medication prescribed by your doctor. * Visit your surgeon for follow up exams. * Wear the surgical support bra, all the time for at least 2 weeks. * Keep yourself covered from harsh sunrays. What not to do after mammoplasty? * Avoid sexual activity for 2 weeks. * Avoid bending, lifting, and straining for 2 weeks. * Resume daily activities after asking your surgeon. Final conclusion As usual, talk with your surgeon, convey what you want as the end result. Make sure you follow instructions carefully. Take rest for 2 weeks before resuming work. In one month period, your breasts will start looking better in shape and appearance. Check back with your cosmetic surgeon for any post-surgery difficulties.
5 Easy Tips to Prevent Mask Acne
You are doing your best to protect yourself and your loved ones from Covid-19 by wearing a mask everyday. But how do you protect your skin from the nasty acne breakouts that are caused by constant use of face masks? Here are some easy ways to keep your skin clear and blemish-free inspite of frequent mask use... 1. Wash fabric masks after every use Fabric masks absorb sweat, bacteria and skin care products from your skin. Always wash your fabric masks after each use. Use a non-scented, hypoallergenic detergent and let your mask dry completely before each use. 2. Wash your face regularly Continue washing your face three times a day as usual. Once in the morning, once at night and once after sweating or removing your mask. Use a gentle soap free cleanser that can remove sweat, oil and germs. Try an acne treatment salicylic acid cleanser if you already have acne. 3. Take a break from makeup Several makeup products contain silicones and other ingredients which can aggravate acne. Besides, warm air from your breath can cause makeup to melt and clog your pores. 4. Remove your mask every 4 hours In case you have long hours of mask use, then make sure you remove your mask for 15 minutes every 4 hours. Wash your hands and avoid touching your face. This would also be an ideal time to wash your face if necessary. 5. Apply an antibiotic acne cream It is common for bacteria to build up under your mask. This can lead to acne and folliculitis. You can apply an acne treatment gel containing dapsone on your skin once or twice every day. If acne persists even after these measures, then it is likely to be stress or hormone related acne. Consider talking to your dermatologist to revise your skin care routine and dietary habits.