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One Direction - Zayn = Australian SUCCESS

One Direction has officially won over the hearts of their Australian fans by hitting number one on the Australian charts for the first time with new single, "Drag Me Down". This is just another blow to Zayn Malik who departed the band to start his own solo career. He's probably regretting it now that 1D is extremely successful as of lately.
"Drag Me Down" was released randomly on July 31st quickly capturing world wide attention. On the day of its release, it hit 4.75 million streams surpassing Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" which only hit 4.26 million streams during its sixth week of release in April. 1D's song also was No.1 on Spotify's Global Chart, No.1 on UK Charts where it owns the market streaming record of 2.03 million streams during its opening weekend, and has had 17.7 million streams globally with 500,000 copies of the song sold the first week. WOAH.

The song was written by Jaime Scott, John Ryan, and Julian Bunetta then later produced by Ryan and Bunetta.

Things we know :
- "Drag Me Down" comes from 1D's 5th album.
- The album is expected to be released in November.
- "Drag Me Down" is supposed to have a big budget music video.
- The video was cut at NASA's Headquarters in Houston, USA.
- Fulwell 73 was directing.
- Zayn has showed support for his former bandmates.

What do you think of 1D's new pop single!?

@DannyOjeda12345 One Direction minus Zayn equals success. Since Zayn's departure, One Direction has been more successful than before. Not only did they finally win over Australia but they've won over the music charts around the world. Zayn leaving was actually the best thing to happen to One Direction in terms of popularity right now. It's the perfect press and platform to kick off their new single, "Drag Me Down".
What do they mean One Direction - Zayn = SUCCESS?
woo hoo \(^.^)/