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Last time @buddyesd requested a Hawkeye workout, and I'm happy to oblige! Often, it feels like Hawkeye doesn't get enough credit. Sure, he doesn't have any powers, and he's running around with a string and a stick from the paleolithic age. But, he keeps up with the Avengers anyhow. Totally normal guy, in good enough shape to run with a super soldier, a Hulk, and a man in a metal suit.

Yeah, you wish you were on his level.

Fortunately, this workout is here to help you get there!

This card is part of my Superhero Workouts Collection, follow so you don't miss the next one!

The Workout

Another routine from darebee, this is a great full-body workout. This is definitely the kind of routine you want to be doing if you're planning on keeping pace with a bunch of super-powered heroes. Your core will be engaged, and you won't be sacrificing attention from your legs and arms.
If this workout feels like it's pushing the edges your endurance, maybe you need to adjust your diet...


Jeremy Renner, who's played the character in two movies, has had to keep in shape for the role. He also recommends eating five times a day instead of three, and drinking lots of water to speed up your metabolism. Here's a sample of one day's meals:
8.AM: 3-4 egg omelet cooked in coconut oil, avocado and orange slices. 11.AM: Apple slices, mixed nuts. 2.PM: Grilled chicken breast, sweet potato, spinach and protein shake. 5.PM: Green salad, cheese, unsalted mixed nuts. 9.PM: Turkey burger, salad, broccoli and salad.
Lean meats with fruits and vegetables are the way to go! Workout still feel like a drag?

The Music

This song will definitely get you in the Hawkeye head space. Yeah. The guy really likes arrows. He's really good at hitting things with them. And of course you have something awesome to look forward to when you're all done...

The cool-down

No, not pizza. If you're like me, getting all those veggies into one day can be kind of challenging. So definitely check out this smoothie recipe! It's got lots of vitamins, and it's Hawkeye's signature color too!
Recipe: ½ cup raspberries ½ cup blackberries 1 large banana 1-1/2 cup red cabbage, chopped ½ cup red beets, chopped ½ cup baby spinach ½ cup Chobani greek yogurt (plain non-fat) ¼ cup Simply Orange Mango juice (or any other flavor you like) 1 cup water

Are you ready to walk out that door and be an Avenger?

Heck yeah!

Happy workouts Vingle!
I will definitely b using this!
@shannonl5 yes I feel so fa-ree!! lol
@buddyesd why spellcheck when you can reinvent the English language!
@shannonl5 the one tome I need auto correct lol
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