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Must Watch Anime: The Devil is a Part-Timer!


Today's community anime recommendation is The Devil is a Part-Timer! Be sure to follow the Must Watch Animes collection for daily recs! ^_^

The Devil is a Part-Timer! (Hataraku Ma艒-sama!)

Light Novel written by: Satoshi Wagahara
Light Novel illustrated by: 029 (Oniku)

Anime directed by: Naoto Hosoda
Number of episodes: 13
Summary (from animenewsnetwork):
In another dimension the Devil King Sadao is only one step away from conquering the world when he is beaten by Hero Emilia and forced to drift to the other world: modern-day Tokyo. As "conquering the world" are the only skills the Devil King possesses - and are obviously unnecessary in his new situation - he must work as a freeter to pay for his living expenses.
For those of you who've watched it or are watching it, do you like The Devil is a Part-Timer? Make sure to mention why or why not! ^_^ And check out other anime recommendations from the collection.
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@poojas, it is a great title and it's pretty good too. Granted it's a bit perverted so keep that in mind!
2 years agoReply
its good anime !
2 years agoReply
Season two come out already!!!!
2 years agoReply
This was so fricken highlarious! Total great fun to watch and forget about any sadness. You'll be to busy laughing! I can't wait for the next season. So hard to wait 馃槺 I have totally shipped Lucifer and his faithful general 馃挋
2 years agoReply
Easily one of my favorites. So good. Just watch it and shut up.
2 years agoReply