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Last month, we did the Weird Hometown Challenge, where some of you wrote all about what makes your city special (and maybe just a little quirky too).
This month, I want to know about your embarrassing celebrity crushes. Maybe you were 13 and loved Justin Timberlake so much your entire wall was covered in NSync posters? Or maybe you currently have a crush on celebrity so random that you're not quite sure why?
Write a funny card about your embarrassing celebrity crush, and dress it up with funny gifs, short videos, or even drawings declaring your love. Make sure to write "My Embarrassing Celebrity Crush: ______" in the title and tag me in it to be added to this month's funny writing challenge!
Here's mine :D https://www.vingle.net/posts/994911 and @buddyesd I don't know what you're talking about, I love reading what you write!
ooooo man!
@shannon15 Yessss do it! I'll probably be doing mine later today.
Omg I'm gonna do this and everyone is going to know WAY too much about me
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