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"Beach Much?"
you message so innocently
after 4 years of silence, name dropping
a place you left me scattered like trash,
to busy with someone else to collect the pieces
you asked for
And here I am again paralyzed,
back in your dorm stealing secrets and
snatching that gaze I craved through smoke;
I swear it took me higher
back when no one kissed me like that.
back when it was always just me crying in the hallway.
"beach much" you say
and I remember the drunk text of "I love you"
breaking me like the promise
when you said I was everything.
And after four years of silence I can't get rid
of the seconds in between moments
when I knew I was more to you,
the same way I thought you were so much more to me.
But I am done being paralyzed,
and I roll over and kiss
the boy I know you know about.
4 years 1 day of silence.
The last stanza is everything!! This resonates with me and I'm sure with others on such an emotional level and I commend you for not responding back to him! Strolling down memory lane can be a dangerous path that some of us know all too well.
yessss, let us hope so!!!!! it's always so hard for them to get the hint.
@jordanhamilton they seriously always come back! but hopefully he gets the hint after I don't answer him !
sheesh!!!! perfect. I love this and I can totally relate -- it's crazy. they always come back....ALWAYS! loved this line so much "breaking me like the promise when you said I was everything." beautiful piece @LizArnone
@skee292 thanks!! it really wasn't that hard to realize that i did not want to talk to him again for sure. memory lane helped me with that lol