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Robert Redford.

No, not that Robert Redford.

This cranky-looking old guy. He just does it for me.

He just does a lot of philanthropy you guys.

He's supported environmentalism, LGBT rights, the arts, and Native American rights. That's what all the kids find sexy nowadays, right?

Don't look at me.

I'm not the only one, ok!


He even gets a hashtag. That's how hip he is.

This... might be impossible to explain.

But I'll try anyway. See, he's a really talented actor. Like, phenomenally good. And he seems like a genuinely nice person. Trying to use his celebrity to make the world a better place. And he's just got this really sweet smile and these eyes that like... they seem so humble and yet so full of experience and knowledge and it's just really nice to know that he exists okay.

Yes please.

Thank you. I'll find my chill.
I totally expect @poojas @rodiziketan @buddyesd @TerrecaRiley @LAVONYORK @LizArnone @OhmaCharly @TessStevens @BPF1916 @amorremanet and all my other friends on here to answer the challenge @danidee gave us because if I'm the only one that does it I'm going to be very embarrassed indeed.
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Haha I totally get it. He seems like a great guy! Plus if Samira Wiley says #oldsexy then I agree :) I trust anything she says.
@baileykayleen SAME haha Samira Wiley knows where it's at!
I saw the old Twilight Zone episode he was in, and he was so good looking.
Lmao, I dig men with the right amount of gray lol. #justformennotneeded
@JaxomB he totally was haha. But like @LAVONYORK said I think I have a preference XD