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What to do when youre away from home and your paint options are limited. ......painted Pucca and Garu from PUCCA♡♡
I dont know if you guys remeber this show or not but I loved this show :D Theres not community for it here though so the search for my fellow fans of Pucca aill be abit harder but im up for the challenge :P
Hehe! How did you get the shading on the last one, where it looks like he's blushing?
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@shannonl5 I took a paper towel wetted it a little, dipped in red paint, and then lightly patted it on the top of his face. If you try this make sure to test it out on a separate piece of paper first :)
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@AkiraCondry what a cool idea! I'll have to try some time :)
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