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Thanks @kpopandkimchi for tagging me in this challenge it was really fun πŸ˜„
Woozi Woozi is that one best friend that keeps me on task. He helps me study, and stay ahead. However when we are together we always have something to talk about. We know how to make each other smile when we are bored, and he always makes fun of my height.
Eunji She is my main girl when healing a broken, boy problems, and goofing off in general. When the boys are not around we mess around, try to dance good, and just have a good time. She brings life to the party, and is always the one to run the buffet table with me.
Jin The mom of group would have to be Jin. He always makes our group food, which we highly appreciate. However Jin is always over looked when it comes girls. Moreover he is really easy to find because of its a sunny day out he always sits on the bench outside looking at pictures, and cooking recipes. So the gang always decides to meet where Jin is during lunch.
Amber When we are in PE together, we dominate the court. The teacher never puts us on the same team because otherwise there would be no point. Amber is my athletic buddy. However outside of the court she is the first to make jokes. Always making us laugh with her imitations, and positive attitude.
Jackson Sometimes I forget Jackson is a boy, because I can talk to him about just anything. Moreover he is the best one scare out of all of us except Jin. Because of my bad habit of scaring people when in bored, he is mainly my target. However he loves to spend time with the gang by taking selca's to hold onto that memory.
Jeonghan Jeonghan is that one friend who has a confession from a girl, sometimes boys everyday. Thankfully because he doesn't like sweets, the gang, and I get extra sweets. We always make fun of him when we get the chance calling him "Angel", and discussing how he is so popular. However in the end we love him he really is the Angel in the group.
Sungjae I don't even need a description without him we would not be whole. Even though the majority of the gang is a bunch a goofballs, Sungjae brings a special feeling into the group. Moreover he us the one guy I love to play video games with, shopping, and for some reason fan girl out with him. Sometimes I wonder if he actually cares. In the end he is hard to describe, but completes the clique.
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I totally wanted to add sungjae and woozi to my clique too!!!!