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A few days ago, @TessStevens drew a cartoon of how she see's herself.
Now, I've done the same.
How I see myself in one sentence:

I am a cheeseburger, whiskey-drinking, man-loving girl with huge thighs, a small waist, and an addiction to liquid eyeliner.

I also rely on coffee to function. But I also hate runon sentences, so I left that out from above.
On most days, I see myself in a good light. I am a mess, but a glorious mess.
Yes @alywoah I see that you were much kinder to yourself than I! hahahahah but you should be! This is amazing and I love the little things you're holding. It's honest and really fun. The drawing is so cute too! You look like a doll!
Ha, thanks! I didn't want to be too mean to myself haha