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Dear Gin..well really all alcohol,
What happened to us? We use to be so hot and heavy. We would kiss every day, hold onto each other for hours and adventure though the college life style, hand in hand. You were college and we were everyones relationship goals.
But now things seemed to have fizzled out. We're "it's complicated" on Facebook and everyone back at school can't figure out why.
Is it because I left college?
Became legal and now the danger has worn off?
Is it because I moved back in with my parents!?
I don't want to let go of you just yet, but each time you touch my lips I feel sour and my stomach flips, and not in the way it use too. Nights spent with you lead to morning spent feeling like my body is trying to purge itself from you!
I dont understand why you are turning on me oh beautiful alcohol. I'm sorry I'm getting older, but there is some good parts about it now right? I can actually afford you, shouldn't that make up for the days I miss because I am working to buy you everything you could ever want? Soda, cherries, some ice for the hot days?
I'm not quite ready to give you up alcohol, but I think I have to after the way you've changed. All you do is try to get me to ditch work, get sick, and survive off of Taco Bell and french fries. How can I expect to be treated like an adult if I am constantly found covered in cheese and beer?
For the good of both of us we might have to turn our love affair into a causal meet up whenever I am in the neighborhood.
But we'll always have college right?
Don't be to upset. I will love you forever.
Attempting to Adult Liz
I always drink gin on Christmas. It's like my weird self-tradition.
I love Gin. So much. This was so funny!
@TessStevens hahaha thanks !! i love gin soooooo much but gin has been acting up! so i think your hoot and hevey burn needs to cool down. Getting older means drinking gets harder