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Inspired by @LizArnone's card 4 Years Of Silence
my phone vibrates and the number appears lifeless without a name
reminiscent of how I felt when we were together -- lifeless
you text me "hey beautiful" as if you didn't put me through hell for 2 1/2 years
being the person I am, I reply
trying not to drift away on memories and nostalgia I hid away in the closet of my mind years ago
the memories come rushing back like tidle waves on the west coast
full of love, anger, hurt, regret and did I mention love?
I loved you until love wasn't enough anymore
I loved you more than I loved myself, yeah I said it
at least I'm honest -- something you weren't too great at
you text me back saying you miss me and you apologize for hurting me
why wait four years to apologize?
where was your sorry when I was crying every night?
where was your sorry when my roommate called the cops?
where was your sorry when I loved you more than myself?
where was your sorry when my love just wasn't enough?
where was your sorry when you broke my heart?
where was your sorry when I lied for you?
where was your sorry when I shielded myself and ran for cover?
where was your sorry when nothing else was left, but broken hearts and broken glass?
why now?
you can keep your sorry.
it's too late.
I went through the same thing, and you wrote this beautifully!
i have chillllls i love the repetition at the end! really beautiful! I'm glad that even though you texted back he isn't gonna be able to draw you back in
thank you so so much!!! @ariannagorniak1 nice to know that I'm not the only one who has experienced this.
thanks so much @LizArnone and nope! it's a little too late for all that. his loss. all good & bad things, must eventually come to an end.