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Welp @shannonl5 @danidee here we go.
Not all of you are going to be familiar with this person, and that's okay, but I think it's time to bring this to the forefront.
You all may not think it's actually embarrassing, and I don't really either. I have no shame.
This dirty Englishmen's name is Peter Doherty, and he's a genius. You may recognize him from the tabloids, The Libertines, Babyshambles or his solo work. He is fantastic.
I know what you're thinking "oh Tess, he's a mess." Well so am I! He's a jolly bloke and funny as hell. He loves music unconditionally, just like me and he just got back together with one of my favorite bands The Libertines.
He's a musician and a writer, and he's totally out of his mind, but that's what I like about him.
He's also not afraid to be himself, which is...well, a little out there. But isn't that what we all aspire to be? Like, this is me on any given day.
He's also a little insane. And his best friends even acknowledge that he's a risk taker...but still doesn't take himself too seriously.
And he really does clean up well ;)
Here he is in a campaign for Roberto Cavalli
But at the bottom of it all, I love his music, and I think he's a fantastic poet and an amazing songwriter. He's got a lot to offer this world despite his mistakes and I think that's remarkable.
Come on with lyrics like this, who wouldn't fall in love!
Because he doesn't try to hide anything, and he's utterly himself. And if that's embarrassing so be it! :)
Yes @shannonl5 go for it !!! Never be afraid I've got stuff that's super like wired up on the internet haha the music and live stuff that comes up when you search me on YouTube is like, so funny to look at. Music is forever that's for sure!
Thanks, haha I try a little ;) @buddyesd :)
@TessStevens you got some pipes :) you're very good
@TessStevens was that you singing?
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