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You know your state is in trouble when they create a GoFundMe account to get through a budget crisis. Alabama State Senator Paul Sanford recently made a GoFundMe account for the state to make up for a $300 million budget shortfall.
The account has been up for a total of four days and it’s gotten $613 dollars so far with a $300 million goal.
The Alabama GoFundMe account describes why they exist:
The State of Alabama is experiencing tight financial times and needs your help. Legislators are debating possible financial solutions but are finding that Raising Taxes are not wanted by the citizens of Alabama. Rather than have the Government come after your hard earned money you can now send an amount that fits your budget, even request where your money be used. You can determine what functions of Government are a priority to you.
I just wanted to say, alright Alabama. I know you are struggling with hard times, but compared to the other GoFundMe accounts-- you are kinda just a big fat joke. There are people with real struggles. Like people paying for medical expenses because they are sick, or needy. The taxpayers already pay for you to figure out your problems!

Here are a list of other accounts that should be making more then the State of Alabama account:

A Wedding Fund for Two Stray Cats I Found
Vet Fees for My Cousin's Pet Rat That is Sick
The College Chick Who Needs Dough to Spring Break in Vegas
Money for a Pool in My Backyard
But hey, I’m not the only one that’s snarky about it...Most people donated as a joke (I think). Check it out.

Here are some of the people that donated to the account:

Daniel - $5
Admit that Georgia is a better state than Alabama.
Jordan -$10
Please earmark this donation to be used for evil and nefarious deeds.
Rusty - $5
Please use this money for cab fare to your local library and check out any economics text book by Friedrich Hayek
Ethan - $5
Just a friendly Canadian trying to help
Why are Canadians are so dang NICE all the time?!?
Hahaha I'm going to start a rival gofundme to get their gofundme shut down!! >:D lol. I think my actual favorite part was the nice Canadian, just trying to help. So nice!!!
Evil and nefarious deeds, you say??! I like this guy's style.
@nicolejb yea he sounds nice :)
Hahaha I know right @allischaaff! I really want to go to Canada to see if all these nice people are actually real!
I’m going to fund the guy who just wants to do some evil and nefarious deeds! @buddyesd and @danidee
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