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What is it with Ant-Man and people remaking its trailer? Okay, maybe it's because it just came out and, you know, the language of the Internet sounds something like:
"Hey! Hey! Hey! This thing (visual media, probably, maybe) is new! Do something new with this thing that's new because numbers! Numbers, guys! Popularity! Numbers! Pop Culture!"
But that's a cynical thought, there's no way the only reason people do this is for views. It has to be because they love filmmaking and the artistry behind it. It has to be because the best way to say you love something is to satirize it in a way that's original and intertextual with previous films, right? Please? It's got to be for reasons other than numbers...
Anyway! If you ever found yourself wondering, "what if Ant-Man was 1950s horror movie?" Quit wondering! New York Magazine's Vulture Remix series supplied you with the answer you always wanted!
They magnificently crafted a trailer that captures '50s horror movies. It's complete with narration by Vincent Price, an over-dramatic score, and ridiculous screen wipes. My favorite thing about this trailer is the way they managed to use footage from actual horror movies. By doing this they add a lot to the tone they're trying to recreate. The movies they pulled footage from are:
"The Fly" (1958)
"House on Haunted Hill" (1959)
"The Incredible Shrinking Man" (1957)
"Them!" (1954)
It all adds to the way they re-purpose the footage from the 2015 film to look less, well, all 2015-y. And seeing it reminds me of all the older movies I would end up watching after staying up way past my bedtime*. And there's a small [see: large] part of me that wants to see this version of the movie instead of the 2015 release after I heard it was, well, pretty disappointing.
One can always dream of Vincent Price's Ant-Man, though, right?
@paulisaverage oh my goodness that's so weird and I am SO DOWN FOR THAT
@shannonl5 we must pray to the Holy Ghost, Vincent Price to grant us our wish
We could have had it aaaallllllll