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(Got this from FB so credit to owner) 1) My first bias when stanning BTS was Taehyung ^_^ 2) Current bias is my hope, J-Hope <3 3) I do not have a favorite Bangtan Bomb, all of them are funny and satisfying 4) Favorite BTS songs is Spine Breaker 5) Bias wrecker? Lately Rap Mon has been crawling up the list 6) For some reason Jin has come out the most in my dreams including when the whole group is in it. 7) Favorite BTS MV has to be I Need You. I love the melancholy type. I love crying! (even if it hurts) 8) I LOOOOVE the No More Dream choreo! I dance to it ALL the time! 9) Ha! I answered it on #8 10) I've been an ARMY for a year and 4 months. Since April 2014 11) Surprisingly, the Dark & Wild tracklist is my favorite. 12) I adore "The Most Beautiful Moments in Life Pt. 1" album art! It has that relaxation feel just by looking at it. 13) Obviously J-Hope. He must be my babe (sorry Donghae Oppa ㅠㅠ) I'll be tagging @poojas @kpopandkimchi @StephanieDuong @xoxoaudra98 @kookiebyu @JazzyPie @AimeeH @B1A4BTS5ever @jiggzy19 @Emealia Even if you aren't tagged, you can do this and tag others if wished. Have fun ^_^
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1. Jimin was my first 2. Jin is my current one 3. I don't have a favorite, they're all perfect 4. My favorite would be Hold me tight or Born Singer 5. Suga is my bias wrecker 6. Jin and Jungkook appear a Lot 7. My favorite video would be Just One Day 8. My favorite choreography would be I Need You's choreography 9. I dance to dope *-* 10. I don't remember 11. I think I'd be 'the most beautiful moment in life' 12. I like them all 13. Jin 😍♡
I'm a day late >< 1. My first bias was jungkook but that's only because I saw him first when I first started listening to them, OMG he's perfect. 2. Aish, I don't really have a bias in BTS, they're all to perfect u.u 3. All of them <3 4. Ummmm the one I'm jamming to currently is Fun with Boys 5. None lol I love them all 6. Let's see, Taehyung, and Jungkook, I can't really count how many times 7. Ummmmmm 'I need you', it makes me cry :'( so emotional right now... 8. Hmmm...I love all their dances 9. I can't dance at all, but I like dancing to I need you 10. I been an ARMY for a year and a month :) 11. Uhhhhh...Dark And Wild XD 12. Lol I like the art on The Most Beautiful Moment pt. 1 13. Ummmm... that's hard but I would choose ummmm either Jhope or Taehyung, they would be really fun husbands :D
1.jin 2.jin 3.all of them 4.just one day 5.jungkook 6.jin 7.dope 8.dope 9.none i have been trying to dance them but i find it hard lol 10.6 months 11.dark and wild 12.the most beautiful moment in life part 13.jin jin jin jin jin lol
1) My first bias when stanning BTS was Jimin 2) Current bias Rap monster 3) I love all the bangtan bombs but if I have to pick it would be 95z where jimin and v f**k with the members 4) Favorite bts song is Fun boys 5) Bias wrecker, jungkook 6) no one has come into my dreams, sadly :( 7) Favorite bts MV is Dope\sick the song is really fun and energetic 8) Boy in luv choreo 9) answered that in 8 10) almost a whole year now 11) in the mood for love 12) in the mood for love pt 1 art 13) Rap monster
1) jimin because abs! 2) Taehyung because he is adorable and thinks of random things and loves rap but isn't the best at it just like me ^_^ 3) I love the blindfolded tag game the manake line did in the hotel room 4) cypher part 3 killer! (ironically enough before I knew it was Tae's favorite too) 5) j-hope and jimin are my bias wreckers 6) none/ I don't remember but they probably all appear quite a bit. ;p 7) no more dream 8) I love jump and crow tit/ silver spoon 9) I dance the war of hormones coreo a lot 10) I've only been an army for about 5 months? (but I only got into kpop about 6 months ago .. I started with Got7!!) 11) I like Dark and Wild 12) I like the art on them all! 13) I haven't really thought of it... but I guess taehyung!! especially because he would be really good with the kids ^_^