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thanks @KpopGaby for tagging me <3 love you
MY FIRST BIAS: When i got into Bts my first one was Taehyung.....this^ was my first mv and yeah i thought hey that guy is hot that is why i liked him because of that scene and some of the scenerios @StarBabes did with me
CURRENT BIAS: So after watch bangtang bombs and mv and seeing how they really are my bias.....*drum roll*......stayed the same it will forever be my 4D alien
FAVORITE BANGTAN BOMB: This one is really hard all i can tell you is my favorite bangtan bomb is the one in the youtube channel called BANGTANGTV and has a bts bomb on the top right corner yeah that one is my favorite (all of them cant choose)
FAVORITE SONG(S): ughhhh i cant choose why is this so hard ughhhh.........same thing like the bts bomb the one in their album the one with words and music yeah that's my favorite song hahahaha....im sorry i cant choose i just love all of them even the Japanese versions (include the new ones song they made and all the solos even the Christmas for crying out loud)
BIAS WRECKER: Oh okay this hard it changes every single day...right now it Suga i could say thats my main one but then JHope comes and....i cant.....so the i say fine JHope...but then Rap Monster comes and ughhhh so okay Namjoon...then Jimin comes and then Jungkoook comes and then Jin and then its like ughhhhhhh stop your killing me....so i would say the whole band is technically my bias wrecker (aww poor v) but if i had to choose one like only one i would have to say Suga...but...ughhh (cycle starts again)
WHICH MEMBER APPEARED IN YOUR DREAMS: Okay now this.... every single ether by them self or as a group....every member has been in my dreams i could write a story about every single one and make a book/novel my dreams are so weird that makes them so interesting what makes them weird it that they all fall into place and if it doesn't makes sense in a way it still goes in order...you get me???....anyways but the ones that come out the most its Taehyung and Suga
FAVORITE MV: i would go with 'So 4 More' even tho it not really a music video i still love it cause its just them....there is no make up, no fancy clothes, no nothing its just them their true self and how hard they work how they enjoy what they do.....and though out the video they are all smiling.
FAVORITE CHOREOGRAPHY AND CHOREOGRAPHY YOU WANT TO DANCE: Ummmmm for this i would say 'Boy in Luv' i always dance this song and i would love to learn the choreography for that song or dope i dont know but i do know the choreography for i need you :[]
HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN ARMY: I honestly don't know it feels like i have been an ARMY since the very begging but i wasn't.......however that really doesn't determine if your a true fan or not what a true fan means to support them and to love them in every single way.....anyways i would say it probably a year but maybe its less??? or........i really don't know im sorry :( (b1a4 and bts brought me to the kpop world)
FAVORITE ALBUM TRACK: All of this is so hard to choose from but i would have to go with 'Dark and Wild' no but.......no......ughhhh....just stick to that one..but....ughhhh
FAVORITE ALBUM ART: I would have to say the album art from 'The Most Beautiful Moments in Life Pt.1' or 'School Luv Affair' i don't know i just love them
WHICH MEMBER IS YOUR HUSBAND: If you still don't know by now its so easy the whole band duh lol.....but if i have to choose one it would be Taehyung hahaha but if that doesn't work out im okay with any other member from the band
again thanks for tagging me @KpopGaby love you all tho sorry if i didn't really give strait answers this why i made a card hahaha (i knew it was gonna happen) love you bye bye
@KpopGaby yay Hahahaha
Haha, it's fine ^_^ at least we have some few things in common based on this ^_^