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Well @danidee and @shannonl5 thanks to your challenge now all of vingle will know I'm a weirdo! To anyone else who wants to stand in embarrassing crush solidarity with me, check out the new funny community challenge in danidee's card here and get to spilling your secrets!
I know he might not fit into the typical celebrity crush type look wise...honestly he doesn't even fit into the "dad bod" celebrity crush look wise, but there is just something about Zach Galifianakis that makes me pray in church that he would love me.
And just so we're all clear, I'm talking Zach before the recent weight loss....
I mean come on! The way he goes all in and commits to character (or a joke) is insane. His ability to keep a straight face during any of Allen's lines in the hangover should have really given him an Oscar.
And this might sound crazy but I love a guy who is confident to not give a shit about what anyone thinks of him. Although I do miss the beard in this pic.
His "Between Two Ferns" series is straight up hilarious, mostly because Zach Galifianakis does not crack a smile once. Also his ability to have huge stars such as Obama, Bieber, and Bard Pitt to name a few obviously shows that everyone wants to be his friend, right?
And lets not forget that he starred in the greatest movie ever Out Cold, if you haven't seen it ... go see it! His character is pretty much ..... him, and he ends up getting his Johnson stuck in a hot tub, covered in honey with a bear licking him, and actually getting to hook up with the hottest girl on the mountain! #YOLO
He also has an excellent answer for those pesky red carpet people who always ask about weight! Honestly his scene of humor makes me fall more and more in love with him...
And between you and me, after I admitted to my friends at a bar that I would do anything to meet Zach Galifianakis, they tweeted some pretty insane shit to him about me. I'm still waiting for the proposal tweet but you know....still hopeful! (Also yes, I am pretending he isn't married).
Yasssss. I just posted mine too!! LET ME READ.
@LizArnone we might be in competition for the weird part lol
@buddyesd hahahaha thanks so much for the support of my super weird love lol if you write one tagg me in it!!!!
you go @LizAnone :)
YESSS I love this card. Hahaha I loved Out Cold too. That was such a weirdly underrated comedy. He was in Heartbreakers too! He and Sarah Silverman played Jason Lee's BFFs. I was watching it a few weeks ago and I was like "Whoaaa what?!"
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