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Jennifer Aniston how could you?!?

I thought you guys were Friends (sorry, bad joke, but it was just right there...) Rumors surfaced today that Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc were not invited to the recent Aniston-Theroux wedding.


Jennifer claims it was an intimate gathering of 70 people (doesn't sound that intimate to me), but Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow managed to snag invitations. Where's the love for Joey and Chandler??!
Of course Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc weren't angry and handled the news like two gentlemen:

"I think they're a great couple. I think she's happy. And that's all I care about is that Jen's happy." - LeBlanc

"They're a lovely couple, and I'm happy for them." - Perry

They might be okay with it, but I'm not!! I've always thought the Friends cast was like a family, and family should get a wedding invite!

@rodiziketan @gavriella @TerrecaRiley @kpopgirly101 and all my other Friends fans out there, are you sad about this too???
I kind of am. It wouldn't be the same unless they were all there. Where was David? I wonder why she didnt invite them? They worked together for 10 years. That's a really long time!
@rodiziketan I knew you'd be upset like me!! This is so sad, I have this idea that they're all best friends still and this kinda ruins it :(
I'm crying right now.
For all that time they were all together in Friends and I have just started watching the show.. (in Chandler's way of speaking).
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