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Hi! My name is Karina Farias :) Some random facts about me before I talk a bit about anime: I'm 19 yrs old, in my second year of college, and I like to listen to (mostly) K-pop :D I also read mangas but I won't talk much about it right now. I'm probably the definition of awkward XD Aaaaand I laugh for the lamest stuff .-. :)
If not including the ones I watched when I was a kid like Pokemon, Dragon Ball, or Sailor Moon, then the first anime was Naruto. My older brother was watching the show and I didn't know what was going on but I decided to sit there and watch it with him. I didn't find it interesting at first but for some reason I kept watching it whenever my brother was watching it and it grew on me. From there we would watch other ones that would be on TV. One of my favorite anime at the moment is Attack on Titan :) I've watched it several times and am currently reading the Manga. I also have a poster, Levi shirt and Survey Corps Jacket ^.^
And anime photos: Black Butler, Ouran High school Host club, Gintama, Kaichou-wa maid-sama, The Irregular at Magic High School, Sword art online, Death Note, and Yamada-kun and the Seven witches. The anime I've watched are mostly recommend by my brother. Some were because I read the Manga, like Kaichou-wa maid-sama (hope I wrote it right XD ) and Ouran High School Host Club. Since he has a crunchyroll account, he just tells me that the ones on his queue I should definitely watch. The most current one I'm watching is Yamada-kun and the Seven witches (Just started it but it's pretty good). (If there's any anime that you think I should watch just tell me ^.^)
I've seen a lot of anime that I could barely remember some, but my favorite character has to be Itachi Uchiha ^ω^ he was one of the first characters that made me go from hate them to like them. aside from being a total badass, Itachi was always thinking about Sasuke first. The situation he had to be put through for the sake of the village, but still, he thought of Sasuke and his well being first. Although I was excited for the Uchiha fight, I cried when Itachi died.... and again when he "died" the second time .-. (I'm a baby when it comes to stuff like this in anime)
And that's pretty much it :) if you guys want to talk to me go ahead ^.^ (I already warned you about my awkwardness but after a while I'm less awkward, haha ^_^) Thanks @poojas for letting me do this!
You are not awkward at all. That was a super cool intro. And you had me at the Totoro gif! Ouran High school Host club, Kaichou-wa maid-sama and Death Note are some of my fav animes. @AimeeH @biancadanica98 @caitlind9898 @DanRodriguez Check out @KarinaFarias' intro ^^
Hello! I love your intro, and welcome to the Anime Family. We are very blessed to have you with us! ^~^
You had me at the Kuronuma Sawako gif in the beginning, I love that show and Kaichou wa maid-sama. It's nice to meet you! @KarinaFarias
Nice to meet you @KarinaFarias
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