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Essential Art Tutorial: Drawing Hands

Hands are notoriously difficult to draw.

The last tutorial I made covered how to use the software Krita for digital art, so for this one I wanted to try and tackle hands. They're really intimidating! There are so many fine joints and shapes. They just look complicated.
The above tutorial by MasterSS on Deviantart is a good place to start, but I felt like I needed to see someone in action to get better at drawing hands.
If you want to follow along, Youtuber Rin Elenika's guide to hands is really amazing. This video was created during a live stream, and they talk you through the way they learned to draw hands. "Much like eyes, hands can be very expressive," the way they narrate the tutorial, I felt like I forgot what a pain drawing hands can feel like sometimes.
The also have some great tutorials on facial expressions, feet, and body types. So there are plenty of guides to help when you're learning!
Draw with Jazza offers a brief overview of drawing hands. They break down the geometric structure of the hand (the blue and black lines), and then demonstrates how the shapes can be applied.
If you're struggling with guide lines and hand poses, this tutorial is really useful. And like Rin Elenika, this Youtuber offers a bunch of other tutorials about drawing bodies.
The style that Art of Wei has is a little more distinct, which might be helpful if you're further along in developing your own style. They break down the structure of the hand as well, and their technique is extremely useful because it's easy to apply to a lot of different angles.
Their art is very realistic, so if that's something you want to try to master, their tutorials will definitely be worth checking out!
This last tutorial by Zyra Bañez takes a different approach to breaking down the structure of the hand by suggesting that you practice by tracing your own. After that, the shapes are cut out and moved to help model the way the joints work. The guide lines are extremely helpful and great to practice with.
This is a very unique take on the challenge of drawing hands, so if the more traditional techniques don't usually work for you, this might be more helpful!

I did some practice of my own!

I used the tutorials above as I was working. It's really hard to get back into drawing since it's been such a long time for me, but I'm really enjoying it again. And it's awesome that there are so many tutorials on the web now (that definitely wasn't a thing when I was learning the first time).
Is anyone else in the Vingle community struggling with hands?
this was helpful.. but I suck. I always end up not doing what he is saying Hahaha.. my hands wants freedom!
It definitely is~! I honesty struggle with drawing hands and this is helping me a lot. Thanks~!
@AkiraCondry sure thing! This is something I'm struggling with a lot but I'm trying to get better
I will definitely be using this, especially since when I draw things I tend to skip out on the hands and cover them with objects or just cut them out of the piece completely......Thanks for the tag :)
@AkiraCondry @FannyWard @BPF1916 @emailforrpgs @rized @GWeeN @MyAlpha @KutieKiKi @serapisces Sorry I meant to tag you all when I posted this card. Is this tutorial helpful? I'm still working on hands but I found all of these guides to be extremely useful
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