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Living in New York City definitely has its perks. From amazing food, to shopping galore -- this city is definitely a playground. It’s where dreams are cultivated, and magic lingers. In the midst of the enchanting city life, NYC definitely has some cons.

NYC Smells Like Garbage

I am not even kidding when I tell you that I wake up the smell of garbage (not coffee and bacon) ::sad-face::. Since New York is a very compact city, there's just more garbage than space. Did you know that New Yorkers produce over 12,000 TONS of garbage PER DAY?
Yeah, gross. But there's just so many people here, and where there's people, there's garbage.

The Rats Are Not Shy

They be chillin' at Union Square, outside your apartment door, and at the subway station. And they seem to be as New York as the human New Yorkers -- they don't give a crap who they bump into. I once saw a group of baby rats fighting each other at the middle of a walkway at the park.

Running Out Of Money

I used to be a very awesome saver. My friends will tell you how stingy I am. But it seems so hard to save money. Running out money is just inevitable. From the out-of-control rent, all the food you just gotta try, and $15 drinks at the club. The hustle is real -- expect to work hard, and play never.
Where did all of my money gooo!?

Lights Off? Roaches Out

No matter how clean you are, or how much bleach you use to cover every inch of your home -- the roaches are coming for ya. Especially if you live next to restaurant or business that sells food, you're going to have a planet of roaches hiding inside your walls. They're disgusting and god bless you if you step on them while tip-toeing to the bathroom.

Mmmm...Garbage Juice

Where there is garbage, there is garbage leakage. It's a common phenomenon. There's a puddle on the curb, but hasn't rain in weeks? Yeah, that's garbage juice.
If you're wearing open-toed shoes -- you've been warned.

But you know what, even with the shitty parts of New York City, this place is still the place that gives me tingly, in-love feelings...

omg the garbage juice! one time my sister just missed getting SPLASHED HEAD TO TOE in the stuff when a truck came to a stop really suddenly
@alywoah. Lol. I use to hate street sweeping. When the big machine comes by cleaning up the streets, it's sprays water from the back. But I swear, I think it made the streets look worse and the funky smell stronger. Lol. But I still love that place
TRUTH But everything wonderful has an underbelly haha
haha, loved it! you already know my sentiments on this crazy place. I'm madly in love. and the roach meme "planting eggs in your underwear" absolute YUCK!
*gags* !!!! omg omg i can't even imagine how disgusting that would have been @LizArnone
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