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It's hard to believe that the ladies of Sex and the City were actually on TV almost 20 years ago! Maybe it's because all of Carrie's love and relationship advice still holds pretty true today. Sure, she's got some outdated questions, but for the most part the only outdated thing on the show is the wardrobe (see above picture, it features Uggs).

Besides SJP, all the ladies of SATC have sort of fallen off the face of the earth. Maybe 6 years on one of the most popular shows of all time was enough for them..we'll see!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Ugh, she has aged so beautifully, I just love her so much! I had no idea, but apparently she's done several broadway shows, gaining tons of respect as a stage actress. She's also been in a couple classic rom coms like Failure to Launch (does everyone remember this one..with Matthew McConaughey?!) and I Don't Know How She Does It.

Kim Cattrall

The oldest of the SATC ladies (a running joke on the show), Kim Cattrall still looks amazing almost twenty years later. The producers must have a thing for Broadway ladies because Kim Cattrall has tons of experience on stage, both before and after her time as the sassy (and vulgar) Samantha Jones. Fun fact: it took tons of persuading to get her to take the role of Samantha, she was super hesitant. So crazy, I can't imagine anyone else in that role..

Cynthia Nixon

Hopefully by now Miranda has her hair figured out...her hairstyle changed every other day on SATC (and not always in the best way). Cynthia Nixon has done a couple smaller films, TV shows and on-stage roles since her days as Miranda. More notably, she's been an advocate in the LGBTQ community, winning several awards for her outspoken promotion of equality.

Kristin Davis

She's probably the least well-known of all the SATC ladies. After playing the uptight friend of the group, she had a couple smaller roles including The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl (a classic!) She's also an outspoken advocate against poverty and for animal rights, recently making everyone fall in love with her by saving an abandoned baby elephant in Africa, awwww!
Wow! Kristin Davis still looks super good too. I just started watching this show for the first time (i know, i know, i'm a little behind the times...) and I'm totally falling in love with it. I see why these ladies became everyone's favorite gal pals :)
omg @allischaaff i'm so jealous. i want to go back and watch it all again with fresh eyes but i can't because i've see it 100 times. Enjoy!!!! It's amazing and surprisingly not THAT outdated for a '90s show.