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Well, it was fun while it lasted -- the summer that is.

From beach selfies to books. The school bell rings, you know what that means -- it's back to school time. The summer was fun while it lasted, but now it's time to get back to the books, boys and school bells. The first day is always the most important. It gives you an opportunity to make a great first impression whether it be through your personality or your looks -- you'll stand out either way.
In order to make sure that you are more than ready to get back into the swing of things, there are a few things you can do weeks prior to prepare yourself for the first day in hopes of making it one to remember.

Start Eating Healthier

The summer time is all about enjoying yourself and pigging out. As good as that food was that you scarfed down at 12AM every night this summer, cut the habit before it gets too late. You want to start the school year off healthy and energized. Eating junk will make you feel lazy and tired throughout the day, making it more difficult to function. Increase your water intake, cut out the sweets to a minimum and add more fruits and vegetables.

Get Out And Get Active

If you spent your entire summer inside the house online shopping and binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix -- you didn't enjoy your summer to its full potential. You need to get up, get out and get something. In other words, do something outdoors. Go out with friends, enjoy yourself while you can and get moving. Do some walking or an exercise routine. You don't want to continue being lazy once school begins.

Pamper Your Skin (Yourself)

Bad eating habits brings about bad skin. Those unnecessary breakouts you've been getting this summer are probably because of the excessive junk you've been devouring. Give your skin some room to breathe and treat it well. Do a homemade face mask [see here]. Treat your skin to some diy loving [see here].

Catch Up On Some Much Needed Sleep

Those nights you stayed up until the sun began to rise have caught up with you. You look like you could use a few good sleeps and a couple iced coffees. Waking up super early for those early morning classes won't be fun unless you get back on track with your regime. Start going to bed early so once school begins you will be refreshed and back on track to wake up with the crows.
Get excited. Your first day can be just as sunny as your summer was if you focus on what's most important before school begins.

Put your health and beauty first and this school year will be sure to be a breeze.

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haha, I can only imagine. after awhile you probably get used to it though :) @missophiestik
When you mention crows... There is this crow that would always make irritating noises EVERY morning in the same tree of a house in front of mine facing my window that I like to leave open. It is so dreadful when you do not need the alarm on a weekend haha.