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Alright, so I just announced that the Funny Community is going to have their very own Embarrassing Celebrity Crush challenge his month, and what kind of moderator would I be if I didn't participate too?

With that being said, here's my embarrassing celebrity crush: actor/comedian Ben Schwartz.

Also known as Jean-Ralphio from Parks & Recreation.

Or Clyde from House Of Lies, for those who watch Showtime.

He's basically one of the biggest weirdos on TV.

Plus his Twitter game is on point.

It's how I discovered we both have the same favorite song.

His improv troupe, Hot Sauce, is one of the longest running at UCB Theater in LA.

One time he and his friend Amir recorded themselves having a 6-foot party sub eating contest.

Another time he sang the love theme from The Jerk with Zooey Deschanel.

And did you know he won a screenwriting Emmy when he was 27? Do you know what I won when I was 27? Nothing.

So that's it. That's my embarrassing not-so-secret love, Ben Schwartz.

If he's good enough for Tina (he played her love interest Josh in Bob's Burgers), he's good enough for me!

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I LOVE HIM SOOOO MUCH !! that sandwich eating video made me die. why is is called morning wood if it feels like pudding?
@danidee oh my God Jean Ralphio. This is pretty amazing. I love him and Tom on that show.
@LauraFisher Double date??? And @LizArnone hahaha his sense of humor is so disturbing sometimes but in the best way possible..
I don't know if mine's embarrassing, but I had crush on Wayne Brady from who's line is it anyway, I was fascinated with his amazing talents, haven't seen anyone could do the things he does.
@Animaniafreak I liked when he would do his thing on that show he's one of the funniest on that show